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Having searched numerous forums and search engines for the best detailing company in the Midlands to treat their new Porsche 911 GTS to a New Car Detail and Paint Protection Film treatment, my client contacted me looking for advice on the best ceramic coating and best paint protection film available for his new purchase to keep it looking in showroom condition for years to come. After discussions on the colour of the car, how it is stored and how many miles it does per year, a bespoke package was created for the customer where the entire car would have every exterior surface protected. The front bumper and side skirts were to receive XPEL Paint Protection Film, and the rest of the vehicle would receive IGL Coatings KENZO 5 Year Ceramic Coating treatment, along with IGL WHEEL ceramic coating for the satin black wheels.

To start, the wheels, arches and suspension were cleaned and rinsed using suitable PH neutral cleaners multiple tools.

A blanket of Bilt Hamber Autofoam was then applied over the entire car to loosen up any surface contaminants and road grime. This is left to dwell to pull away particles from the surface before a thorough rinse and two bucket safe wash.

Once the car had been safely washed, a clay bar treatment was carried out to remove embedded surface contaminants and remove all foreign bodies from the paintwork.

The 911 GTS was then dried using compressed warm air and soft fluffy drying towels. A single stage machine polish was performed on the front bumper prior to applying the Bumper Paint Protection Film. This is to remove any fine swirling and etching from bug splatter as well as enhance the finish under the film to leave an excellent quality install.

Once polished and inspected, the front bumper paint protection film was then applied. This is a pre cut pattern, cut from a digitally designed template to fit the exact spec and design of the car at hand.



Originally, most Porsches come supplied with a thick film on the rear quarter which, whilst it does the job of protecting the paintwork, looks quite unsightly. My client asked me to remove this protection film and replace it with a new extended side skirt / rear quarter protection film instead. This leaves a more invisible finish which looks a lot better whilst protecting the paintwork just as much.

Removal of the old 'factory' paint protection film from the Porsche 911 GTS:

The new extended side skirts were then applied, this covers midway up the rear quarter panel too, providing more protection than the previous film.

The rest of the 911 GTS then received a single stage machine polish to greatly enhance the gloss and remove any fine marks caused from the dealerships wash process.

Ceramic Coating on a Porsche 911 at our secure workshop in Telford, West Midlands.

After a wipe down with IGL Pre-Coat to remove polishing oils, the Porsche was ready for its Ceramic Coating with IGL Kenzo. Main Benefits of a Ceramic Coating on your vehicle:

  • Extremely hydrophobic.

  • Hard, glass like lacquer which is highly resistant to scratches and swirling.

  • Self cleaning effect.

  • High gloss, increasing metallic fleck and reflection levels of the paintwork.

  • Durability - years and years of hassle free protection.

  • No need to polish or wax again.

  • Resistant to bug etching and acids.

Once the base-coat had been applied and left to cure for 4 hours, the top coat was applied and left to cure for 12 hours. During this time, the alloy wheel faces were also sealed in IGL Wheel Ceramic Coating.

This cures as a tough thick layer of ceramic coating over the wheel, repelling brake dust, road grime and prevents brake dust from pitting/staining the alloy wheels over time.

Here are some completed photos of the Porsche 911 GTS after it's New Car Detail, Front Bumper Paint Protection Film treatment and IGL Kenzo ceramic coating.

Heres a link to a video demonstrating how hydrophobic the IGL Kenzo Ceramic Coating is on the Porsche 911 GTS, notice how the water simply runs and beads off the paintwork, wheels and glass upon contact. This is what makes the wash process incredibly easy.

If you would like to treat your car to any of our Ceramic Coating or New Car Protection Treatment's, please get in touch or get a free quote via the request form.

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