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Having just collected his new daily driver and noticing that the dealership had mistreated the paintwork, my client wanted to treat his Volkswagen Golf GTD to our New Car Protection Detail. This is carried out at our secure facility in Telford. His main focus was to improve the paintwork condition and then protect it with one of the best ceramic coatings available.

After much discussion and re-search with myself, my customer opted to have 'igl coatings' Poly Ceramic Coating. (Benefits of having IGL POly ceramic coating on your car are listed down the page)

To start the process, a multi-step safe wash including a clay bar treatment to remove bonded paintwork contaminants. First, a soak in Bilt-Hamber Autofoam!

A thorough clay bar treatment is also performed to remove embedded paintwork contamination.

Once washed and decontaminated, a single stage machine polish was then performed on the Golf GTD to remove light scratches and swirling whilst greatly improving the gloss and overall finish of the flat red golf.

Here is a video showing the condition of the paintwork before and after polishing. Notice the deeper scratches on the rear quarter present on a car that had only covered 80 miles or so!

To remove all polishing oils and ensure the IGL Poly ceramic coating bonds perfectly to the paintwork, IGL Pre-Coat is used to wipe down every panel twice.

Two coats of IGL Poly are then applied to to the paintwork of the Golf GTD, a panel at a time with two hours between coats.

Between coats of IGL Poly, the alloy wheels were ceramic coated with IGL Wheel. This was applied to both the faces and the barrels to ensure an incredibly slick surface is formed over the wheels. This ensures the wheels do not become heavily contaminated with brake dust and are easily cleaned with a thorough rinse. There is no need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

This is left to cure for five minutes before being removed, allowing to coating to cure as a thick solid layer and enhance the gloss and finish of the wheel.

The glass was then treated to a layer of ceramic coating with GYEON Repel. This is a hydrophobic rain repellant which ensures water simply rolls up and beads away upon contact with the glass. Creating safer driving and better visibility in wet weather.

The exhaust tips are then polished and coated with IGL Wheel Ceramic Coating, to prevent carbon and soot build up on the exhaust tips and maintain their like new finish for years to come.

The entire vehicle was then given a wipe down with IGL Premier Sealant to protect the Poly ceramic coating whilst it cures initially over the next few days.

Here are a few finished photos of the Volkswagen Golf GTD after receiving it's New Car Protection Detail at our secure facility in Telford, Shropshire.

If you are taking delivery of a new car and want it to look at it's best, please get in touch to find out about our New Car Protection packages!


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