Starting its life correctly, this Porsche 911GTS receives a New Car Protection Detail

After having his wife's car ceramic coated by AutoWerX Detailing previously, my client contacted us to arrange for his Porsche 911 GTS to receive our New Car Protection Detail as soon as it was delivered to Porsche Centre Wolverhampton from Germany. We travelled to the dealership over two days to perform the preparation and apply ceramic coatings to the new car.

Please see below some of the finished pictures of the Porsche 911 GTS. This particular car received IGL Quartz+ Ceramic coating to the paintwork, along with EcoCoat Wheel for the wheel faces and exhaust tips.

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IGL Quartz+ Ceramic Coating will form a tough layer of protection over the coated surfaces (in this case the paintwork.) This will act as a barrier against road grime, dirt, salts, tar, industrial fallout and iron particles. This 911 GTS will be much easier to maintain in the weekly wash as dirt and water will simply bead up and roll off the cars paintwork.

If maintained correctly the coating will help reduce the risk of swirl marks and light scratches, keeping this Porsche 911 GTS looking in showroom condition for years to come. Protecting both the paintwork and re-sale value!

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