Stunning Blue BMW M4 receives a New Car Protection Detail

Having just collected his new BMW M4 and ordered an individual colour, my client was seeking the best way to really show off the colour of his new investment whilst also enhancing and protecting its showroom finish. Searching google for car detailing in Telford he found our website andd got in touch.

After advising on various ceramic coatings and the benefits, my client opted for all surfaces to be protected both inside and out, with IGL Coatings Quartz Plus being applied to the paintwork. To start things off, a safe wash process and decontamination of the paintwork to remove bonded contamination, iron filings and grime that builds up during transport and storage of the car at the dealership.

Once washed and dried, the paintwork is then inspected using different light sources. Any blemishes are taken note of and removed by the paintwork correction stage of the detail!

Here's a nasty deep scratch noticed above the drivers side door handle:

And after polishing:

We also noticed some severe water-spotting and calcium etching on the bonnet. This could have been caused by the dealership allowing water to dry on the bodywork in direct sunlight, and proved quite difficult to remove. However multiple stages of paint correction saw the finish returned to how it should be!

After polishing:

Once the paintwork had been perfected and no more blemishes were found, the vehicle was then wiped down with IGL Pre-Coat to remove any oils and prepare the surfaces for coating.

Here is the natural gloss of the vehicle after polishing:

A few completed pictures of the BMW M4 after it's New Car Treatment with IGL Quartz Plus Ceramic Coating at our car detailing facility in Telford, Shropshire.

The wheels were also removed, allowing us to ceramic coat the faces, barrels and callipers.

Thank you for reading. If you are looking to protect your new vehicle and maintain it's finish for years to come please Get in Touch via our contact page or give AutoWerX Detailing Telford a call for a free quotation.

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All vehicles featured on this website have been detailed and photographed by Ben Poole.

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