Paint Protection Film for bright orange McLaren 570S

Protecting your expensive optional extra paintwork can be a difficult task, however this McLaren 570S owner will have peace of mind whilst driving after having Paintwork Protection Film (PPF) installed to all leading edges of his new pride and joy. The protection film install was carried out at our secure car detailing facility in Telford, Shropshire.

Before any polishing or application of film, a thorough wash process and clay bar treatment.

car protection film telford shropshire

mclaren detailing and paint protection film

A single stage machine polish is then performed to ensure the paintwork is in the best condition possible before we apply the paint protection film. This process is where we remove light scratches, swirls, compounding and flatting marks as well as other surface blemishes.

Paintwork after machine polishing/paint correction:

car detailing telford

We then begin applying the film starting with the bonnet (which has wrapped edges to create an invisible install)

car stonechip protection telford shropshire

mclaren 570s paintwork protection film

The edges are then left to dry out before being wrapped;

car stonechip protection film midlands

We then moved onto the full wings:

paint protection film telford midlands

car detailing telford shropshire

The side skirts were also filmed. We removed the factory OEM piece of film ready to apply a better kit that offered much better protection:

mclaren paintwork protection film

mclaren stonechip protection midlands autowerx

new car stonechip protection midlands

stonechip protection mclaren

stonechip protection 650s mclaren

The headlights were also protected;-

After install:

mclaren 570s ceramic coating ppt

The front bumper and wing mirrors were also covered in paint protection film, here are some finished pictures and close ups of the installation!

paintwork protection film shropshire midlands
mclaren paint protection stonechips

what is the best paint protection film

mclaren 570s pff

car paint protection shrewsbury

car detailer shropshire shrewsbury

McLaren 570 paint protection film

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