Lamborghini Huracan receives a mighty Performance Detail package from AutoWerX Detailing

Searching online for the best exotic Car Detailing and Ceramic Coating services in the midlands area, my client found us at AutoWerX Detailing via Google and scheduled a consultation to find out more about our knowledge of Lamborghini paintwork and to discuss the best ways of protecting a new car.

We discussed various packages and designed a personalised New Car Protection Detail to include IGL Coatings Quartz Plus Ceramic Coating application to the paintwork, as well as all other exterior surfaces being protected with the rest of the IGL Coatings range.

To start the detail, a soak in Bilt Hamber Autofoam to loosen surface dirt and debris.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante detailing AutoWerX Detailing
lamborghini huracan performante autowerx detailing

The wheels and arches also receive a deep clean with suitable PH neutral cleaners. All road grime, fall-out and tar is removed during the wash process to leave an incredibly clean surface ready for polishing.

car detailing shropshire autowerx detailing

Once dried and inside, the Lamborghini enters the paintwork correction phase of its New Car Detail, where fine surface blemishes such as swirls, scratched and other defects are permanently removed by multiple stages of machine polishing.

lamborghini huracan performante white

This stage is where the paintwork is truly perfected and clarity is bought out in the finish. No swirls or fine scratches are visible leaving a flawless finish ready for ceramic coating with IGL Quartz Plus.

Before application of the first layer of ceramic coating, the Lamborghini receives a wipe-down with IGL Pre-Coat to remove any oils or greases left from the polishing process. This enables the surface to be incredibly clean and ensure the coating bonds perfectly with the lacquer without compromise.

IGL Coatings PreCoat AutoWerX Detailing

car detailing telford

Only plush towels are used to ensure the softest and safest contact with the Lamborghini. Failure to use the correct tools/towels/products could undo the hours of work that were spent in the paint correction phase of the detail.

Once wiped down, the first Base Layer of IGL Quartz Plus can be applied. Read more about IGL Quartz Plus here.

igl quartz plus autowerx detailing car ceramic coating telford shropshire

car detailing telford west midlands

After a 4 hour curing period, the top coat is then applied and the entire vehicle is left to cure without interruption for 12 hours minimum.

During the rest of the New Car Protection Detail, all exterior glass is also protected with IGL Window. This enables water to simply roll off the window surfaces upon contact creating safer driving conditions and easier cleaning.

The engine bay is then tended to, where plastics are cleaned and dressed with a heat resistant dressing.

lamborghini huracan engine bay
car detailing west midlands AutoWerX Detailing

The alloy wheel faces were ceramic coated with IGL EcoCoat Wheel. Forming a heat resistant barrier over the faces ensuring the light brake dust will not stick or pitt the wheels. Tyres were then dressed with GYEON Tyre.

Lamborghini huracan performante interior autowerx detailing

The interior was also treated to a thorough detail and all carbon/plastic trim was coated with IGL Quartz Ceramic Coating to prevent scratches and ensure a slick finish.

Here are the completed pictures of the Lamborghini Performante after it's New Car Detail and Ceramic Coating treatment:

lamborghini huracan paintwork protection autowerx detailing
new car protection telford shropshire midlands autowerx detailing
Lamborghini paintwork protection autowerx detailing midlands
car ceramic coating telford shropshire
car polishing telford
car detailing telford wolverhampton
car paintwork protection shropshire autowerx detailing

lamborghini huracan carbon

car polishing telford west midlands autowerx detailing

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