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Having searched high and low for a Car Detailing and paint protection film service in the West Midlands area, my customer contacted me searching first for front end Paint Protection Film on his Nissan GTR. Another request was long lasting, high gloss protection on the rest of the vehicle. The work was carried out at our secure facility in Telford, Shropshire. After discussions on the best paint protection film available, we opted for SunTek Ultra to be installed to the full front bumper, half bonnet, and half wings to give the best protection for the car on track days.

To start the paint protection film preparation process, a soak in Bilt-Hamber Autofoam to loosen surface contaminants.

The Nissan GTR then received a three bucket safe wash, with added removal of all tar and fall-out particles from the paintwork using specialist products and a clay bar treatment. Once pulled inside, a single stage machine polish is performed to get the paintwork up to standard before applying the paint protection film.

The half bonnet paintwork protection film is installed first. This is a pre-cut half bonnet with wrapped edges, which once installed will be virtually invisible to the eye.

Above is what the GTR bonnet looks like once installed and dried.

The front bumper is then applied. This bumper was in 3 sections allowing for easy removal and re-application of areas should they become damaged or chipped.

Here is the completed front bumper once installed:

You'll notice the film is very difficult to see once applied professionally and dried. Hardly any lines are visible at all.

The rest of the car then received a single stage machine polish to sharpen the clarity and gloss of the GTR's over-all finish. This was conducted using the Rupes Bigfoot machine polishers and Sonax Perfect Finish polishing compound.

Once polished, the GTR was wiped down with IGL Coatings Pre-Coat ahead of receiving IGL Kenzo 5 Year Ceramic Coating application. This process is critical in removing all polishing oils and fillers so the coating bonds to the paintwork properly.

Nissan GTR Ceramic Coating with IGL Kenzo:

  • One of the hardest ceramic coatings on the market with hardness levels of 10H+100% silica, meaning a thick ceramic layer is created upon application.

  • Silk like surface, which is incredibly smooth and slick to the touch.Incredible water behaviour, unrivalled by any other ceramic coating.

  • Resistance against Scratches, Bird Poo Staining, UV Fading, Water Spotting, Swirling and Strong Chemicals.

  • Intense gloss levels, enhancing the colour of the vehicle.

  • Backed by an official warranty from IGL Coatings.

  • Regarded as one of the best coatings available today.

  • Only available to be installed by official IGL Coatings approved detailers.

Once the coating is applied, the Nissan GTR was left to cure for 4 hours prior to applying the top coat. During this time the alloy wheels and exhausts were polished and ceramic coated with IGL EcoCoat Wheel Ceramic Coating.

With the tyres dressed, glass polished and other finishing touches finalised, here are some finished pictures of the Nissan GTR after its Paint Protection Film and IGL Coatings Kenzo Ceramic Coating treatment:

If you are looking to maintain your cars showroom finish for many years to come, Paintwork Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings will help you along the way. For more information or a free quotation, please get in touch! Email:

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