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Having searched high and low for a professional Car Detailer in Telford, West Midlands to ceramic coat his new Ford Mustang and perform a New Car Protection Detail, my client got in touch to have his newly delivered 2017 Mustang in Grabba Blue ceramic coated inside and out.

After discussions, we opted for IGL Kenzo Ceramic Coating due to its 10H Hardness levels and resistance to scratches/marring. An excellent high gloss finish and superb water repellency are other added benefits of the accredited only coating which is only available to be installed by a select few detailers across the UK such as AutoWerX Detailing.

First, a snow foam pre-rinse with Bilt Hamber Autofoam.

The vehicle was then treated to a thorough two bucket method wash, and removal of all tar, fall-out particles and road grime. A clay bar treatment is also performed to remove bonded on paintwork contaminants.

The Mustang was then pulled into the workshop where it was dried with warm filtered air and soft fluffy drying towels.

A single stage machine polish was then conducted to enhance the gloss and remove fine swirling present in the paintwork from the dealerships poor washing of the car.

Once polished, the vehicle was wiped down with IGL PreCoat to prepare the paintwork for coating and remove any oils/residue from the correction process.

IGL Kenzo was then ready to be applied to the vehicles paintwork as part of its new car detail. This is a two part system with a base layer and top layer, which when cured together create an ultra hard, slick layer of glass over the coated surface. Kenzo cures so hard that it has a high resistance to scratches, swirling, bird poo etching and marring.

IGL Kenzo is then applied panel by panel, with 4 hours gap between the two layers.

During the two layers of IGL Kenzo, the windscreen was treated with GYEON Repel Glass Sealant. This forms a hydrophobic layer of glass over the windscreen which constantly repels water especially when driving at speed, creating much safer driving conditions.

To protect and preserve the interior surfaces, fabric and leathers were treated with dedicated sealants. Leather was sealed and protected with GYEON Leather which leaves a natural, matt finish. It helps prevent against spillages and fading of the leather over time.

To finish, alloy wheels were sealed and ceramic coated with IGL Wheel, and tyres/plastics and trim were also dressed.

Here are some finished pictures of the Mustang after it's New Car Protection Detail at our secure facility in Telford, Shropshire.

If you are taking delivery of a New Car and would like to explore our Paint Protection or Ceramic Coating options, please get in touch!

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All vehicles featured on this website have been detailed and photographed by Ben Poole.

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