2016 Audi S1 - Paintwork Correction and Paintwork Protection Detail

My client had just purchased his Audi S1 from a main dealer, but noticed the paintwork was littered and extremely dulled with swirls, deep scratches and also that various places around the vehicle had been subjected to poor machine polishing attempts at a bodyshop. He booked in for a single step Paintwork Correction Detail at AutoWerX Detailing, with a Ceramic Coating included in the package. This is going to protect his paintwork incredibly well once we had performed our paintwork correction process. The car was delivered to us at AutoWerX Detailing in an extremely soiled condition. Multiple stages of washing and decontaminating the paintwork needed before we could even see the paintwork under the road grime.

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Picture: Severe dulled spot under the wing mirror where the car had been badly machine polished. Another reason to always use a professional such as AutoWerX Detailing.

We applied Bilt-Hamber Autofoam to begin loosening the surface dirt and pull away dirt particles prior to a safe wash to decontaminate the paintwork.

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Audi S1 New Car Detail

Once the vehicle had been cleaned down and all deposits of tar and iron-fallout had been removed. A clay bar treatment was conducted to remove any embedded grime on the paintwork.

Car Clay Bar Treatment AutowerX Detailing Telford

Picture: contaminants removed and picked up in the clay bar after the treatment on the S1. Whilst you often wouldn't notice some of this dirt by just looking at your car, it's on there, and must be removed before any polishing or ceramic coating treatments!

Once pulled into the workshop, the paintwork was inspected where we then found masses of over-spray and extremely poor work by bodyshops which was really dulling the finish of the Audi S1.

Picture: Over-spray and etching from poor bodyshop repair on the doors, wings and rear quarters of the Audi S1.

Whilst the car was an excellent specification and top model S1, the previous owner had neglected the paintwork and when cleaned, the wrong techniques were used. This caused swirling and marring on the paintwork as pictured below.

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We then began performing our Paint Correction process upon the S1. For this we used a variety of professional machine polishers from the Rupes Bigfoot range. A medium cut, high gloss polish was used to remove the swirling and create a deeper, richer finish on the paintwork.

Here are the after photos of the paint correction:

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Here are the after photos of where we removed the over-spray and acid marking:

Car Machine Polishing Shropshire
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Once the defects had been polished out and permanently removed from the paintwork. We then applied igl QUARTZ ceramic coating. igl QUARTZ Ceramic Coating Benefits:

Ecocoat QUARTZ is a revolutionary product formulated with high silica content. It is our hardest coating on the market however does not contain any harsh chemicals (completely VOC Free). An average car paint hardness is in the range of 3-4H, Ecocoat Quartz is a 9H rated coating that is capable of adding additional 4H levels of hardness thus, increasing the paint resistance against harsh chemicals, scratches, marring and dullness.

The hardness of the coating protects the paint with a much slower degradation during daily use, thus protecting the master results of a perfectionist paint correction.

  • Extremely hydrophobic and repels water, dirt and road grime.

  • Excellent crystal like finish, adding depth and clarity to the paintwork.

  • 9H Hardness, adding resistance against scratches, marring and dulling.

  • Extremely slick to the touch.

igl coatings Quartz ecocoat

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Once we had applied 2 layers of ceramic coating to the paintwork, we also removed the wheels to ceramic coat the barrels and wheel faces. Whilst the wheels were off we also ceramic coated the brake callipers with igl coatings WHEEL ceramic coating.

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Igl Coatings WHEEL is a ceramic coating designed for alloy wheels, brake callipers and exhaust tips. It is formulated to withstand extreme heat temperatures and once it has fully cured it dries extremely hard.

IGL Coatings WHEEL's main benefit is the high resistance against brake dust and road grime. This will stop the wheels becoming pitted over time with heavy brake dust, as well as ensure they are now extremely easy to clean both inside and out in the weekly wash without need for harsh wheel cleaning chemicals.

Here are some finished pictures of the Audi S1, after it's paintwork correction detail. Its coating is also fully cured giving off immense gloss levels and truly bringing out the metallic fleck in the paintwork.

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New Car Protection Shropshire

We think this 2016 Audi S1 looks a world of difference away from when it was first delivered to us. The paintwork is now 80% free of swirls and defects after our single step machine polish. After our ceramic coating treatment the paintwork and alloy wheels are fully protected for all that the road may throw at it. If you would like a similar package on your car or to find out more about our detailing treatments, please get in touch with AutoWerX Detailing.

Call: 07904 449 728

Email: Ben@autowerxdetailing.co.uk

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