Audi RS3 - Full Front End of Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Seeking the ultimate protection against rock chips and front end damage from road debris, our customer contacted us to have the vulnerable areas of his brand new Audi RS3 covered in Paint Protection Film. SunTek Ultra PPF was used here due to it's excellent finish and 10 year warranty.

Starting with the full bonnet paint protection film install for the RS3, which also has wrapped edges to ensure an invisible install:

Audi RS3 Paint Protection Film
Stonechip Protection Audi RS3

Completed Bonnet on the Audi RS3 with edges wrapped:

Audi RS3 front end stonechip protection

The full wings on the RS3 then received paint protection film, this was a wrapped edges kit so every exposed edge was wrapped where possible:

Shropshire Paint Protection Film AutoWerX
New Car Stonechip Protection Shropshire Midlands

Once wrapped into the edges and installed:

paint protection film installer telford hropshire

best paint protection film

The front bumper and headlights were next:

car paint protection film shropshire midlands

car valeting and detailing telford shropshire midlands

car detailer telford shropshire autowerx midlands

new car paintwork protection shropshire telford

new car ceramic coating midlands shropshire autowerx

Heres the RS3 front bumper and gloss black parts with paint protection film applied:

what is the best paint protection film

new car paintwork protection midlands telford autowerx

new car detailing midlands shropshire

Headlight Paint Protection film being installed to the Audi RS3:

new car paintwork protection telford midlands

Once installed:

Audi RS3 PPF Midlands

The side skirts were then also filmed giving protection along the sides and one of the most vulnerable areas of the RS3.

paintwork protection film telford shropshire

paint protection film installer shropshire midlands

Completed once installed:

Audi RS3 Protection Film

We also added a rear bumper loading deck protection strip to ensure the top of the rear bumper doesn't get knocked when loading and unloading from the boot:

rear bumper protection strip telford shropshire

Heres a few photos of the Audi RS3 completed after it's Paint Protection Film Installation:

new car paint protection film shropshire midlands
Audi RS3 Paintwork protection Film
stonechip protection telford shropshire

clear stonechip wrap telford midlands

Audi Paint Protection Film Shropshire Midlands

If you are taking delivery of a new vehicle or would like to protect the paintwork on your current car, please get in touch for more information or receive a free quotation from the quote form on our website. Contact:

07904 449 728

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