Car Detailing Shropshire | Porsche GT3 | Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Detail

Not impressed with the dealerships preparation of his new Porsche 911 GT3, my customer contacted me looking for the paintwork to be improved to a much higher standard, with the aim of also applying the best ceramic coating to protect the finish going forward for many years. To start the detail at our secure detailing facility in Telford, Shropshire, a thorough soak in Bilt Hamber AutoFoam to loosen surface dirt on the 911 GT3.

A multi-stage wash is then conducted. This is where all tar particles, fall-out, iron filings and general baked on road grime are removed safely, to leave the paintwork as clean as possible ready for polishing.

Once dried with compressed air, the paintwork was inspected which revealed thousands of tiny scratches (swirls/cobwebbing/marring) caused by improper washing in the past.

To permanently remove the blemishes, multiple stages of polishing were completed using the Rupes Bigfoot polishers, and a rotary extension for hard to reach areas.

A specialist rotary attachment with a 1" polishing pad wad used to get into hard to reach areas ensuring no area was left unpolished.

Here are some shots of the paintwork after receiving it's paint correction process.

Once wiped down with a paintwork cleaner to remove all polishing oils, IGL Coatings Quartz+ Ceramic was then applied. Read the benefits of IGL Coatings here.

Ceramic coatings were applied to the Paintwork, Alloy Wheels and exhaust tips. Here are some photos of the 911 GT3 after receiving it's Paintwork correction detail and finishing touches;

To ensure your car is looking at it's best or get a free quote on paintwork correction or ceramic coatings for your car, please get in touch.

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