Porsche 911 GT3 - New Car Protection Detail

Porsche 911 GT3 receiving a New Car Protection Detail and multiple Ceramic Coating treatments at our secure car detailing facility in Telford, Shropshire. We have detailed multiple cars for this client and he wanted to ensure his new investment received the very best care from the get go. To start the detail, a scrutinisingly safe wash process and clay bar treatment. We also treat the vehicle with safe cleaners to remove any tar and ferrous iron deposits (fall-out.)

Once decontaminated, a single stage machine polish was then conducted to perfect the paintwork and remove any fine blemishes. This step is vital in the new car detailing process as it ensures the coating bonds to the paintwork correctly and the finish we are locking in is at it's very best.

Once perfected and wiped down with a degreasing fluid to remove oils from polishing, the ceramic coating is then applied to the paintwork and left to cure:

During the cure time between the base layer and top layer (explained further on our IGL Coatings page) the alloy wheels are coated with a heat resistant alloy wheel coating.

IGL EcoCoat Wheel cures as a durable heat resistant, anti-stick layer over the wheels surface. This reduces brake dust sticking and pitting on the wheels. In turn, this cancels the need for harsh wheel cleaners and elbow grease when it comes to the washing of the GT3.

Various knooks and crannies are then tended to, such as the engine bay, plastics, glass and interior!



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All vehicles featured on this website have been detailed and photographed by Ben Poole.

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