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Form follows performance – the design of the powerful C63S V8 top model is influenced by motorsport. From a visual standpoint, the C63S Coupe is clearly a dominant member of the Mercedes‑AMG family. My client wanted to treat his New Mercedes C63S to our New Car Protection Detail, at our secure facility in Telford. His main focus was to find the hardest ceramic coating with the best water beading on a car possible.

After much discussion and re-search with myself, my customer opted to have 'igl coatings' top of the range ceramic coating applied;- igl KENZO. (Benefits of having igl KENZO ceramic coating on your car are listed down the page)

To start the process, a multi-step safe wash including a clay bar treatment to remove bonded paintwork contaminants. First, a soak in Bilt-Hamber Autofoam!

Whilst the snowfoam dwelled, the wheel arches, alloy wheel barrels (and faces) plus callipers were scrubbed and cleaned using suitable cleaners and tools.

After a thorough rinse, a two bucket safe wash was then carried out on the car to safely remove all light surface contamination. Once rinsed, a clay-bar treatment was then carried out.

Once pulled inside the workshop and safely dried with fluffy drying towels, the paintwork on the C63S AMG was then inspected to reveal light swirling and scratches caused when the dealership washed the car. Before applying any ceramic coatings to the car, the swirls needed to be permanently removed.

A single stage machine polish was performed to truly enhance the finish and remove the swirls.

Once I had polished the C63 AMG, and the paintwork was in a flawless condition, the surface needed to be wiped down with a specialist cleaner to remove any oils from the polishing process. IGL Pre-Coat was used here to prepare the surface.

I could then start applying the igl KENZO ceramic coating to the paintwork.

KENZO is applied over two specific layers. A base layer and top layer. 4 hours of cure time is required between the top and base coat. KENZO cures to an extreme hardness and creates a thick, tough layer of ceramic coating over the vehicle. Main benefits of KENZO Ceramic Coating include;-

  • 5 Year Warranty backed by myself and IGL Coatings.

  • Extreme resistance and resilience to scratches, dulling, marring and paintwork etching.

  • Incredible water behaviour due to the high silica content, water simply rolls off the paintwork.

  • Beautiful gloss levels and superb clarity in the paintwork. Metallic fleck in the paintwork is exposed further.

Applying KENZO Ceramic Coating:

Here is the C63S AMG wearing just the base-coat of IGL KENZO. Please note the immense gloss levels and fantastic finish already created on the paintwork so far with just the base coat.

Whilst the base coat cured, the alloy wheel faces were coated with IGL Wheel Ceramic Coating. This is the best way to prevent brake dust build up on the wheel faces and ensure that the wheels are incredibly easy to clean in the wash process. Water will simply bead up on the wheel and most brake dust can be simply rinsed away with a thorough jet-wash.

The tyres were also dressed at this stage in GYEON Tyre for a long lasting new tyre effect.

After its cure process, the KENZO Ceramic Coating top coat is now ready to be applied.

Once applied, the top coat is left to cure on the panel for 4 to 7 minutes before being removed, leaving an extremely slick, slippery to the touch feel on the paintwork. Almost like silk!

I then moved on to the interior protection whilst the exterior was left to cure for 12 hours.

GYEON Leather was applied to the seats, door cards, steering wheel and leather dash areas. This creates a sealant/guard over the leather preventing spillages seeping into the leather as well as soiling and UV fading/cracking.

GYEON Repel glass treatment is then applied to the windscreen. Two coats were applied on the windscreen and one coat on the side and back glass.

This creates a hydrophobic coating over the windscreen so that when rain water comes into contact, it simply beads up and rolls away. The benefit is safer driving in wet weather and lessened need for wipers! Door jambs are then sealed with IGL Premier Synthetic paintwork sealant to keep them in good order and easy to clean.

A few finishing touches were completed such as trims dressed, other glass surfaces cleaned and exhaust tips polished and sealed. Here are some pictures of the C63S AMG looking fantastic after it's New Car Protection detail by AutoWerX Detailing.

I hope you enjoyed the detailed write up. If you would like a free quote please get in touch via our CONTACT US page or Request a Quote.

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