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Built on a new rear-wheel-drive platform, the new Alfa Romeo Giulia is the first instalment in a range overhaul that Alfa Romeo claims, will put every one of its models in class-leading position for performance plus handling. Very few car-manufacturing nations provide a sleeker-looking four-wheeled breath of fresh air than the Italians.

Upon taking delivery of his new Alfa Romeo Giulia in Misano Blue, my client booked in for our signature New Car Protection Detail. This detail would include the full suite of both exterior and interior ceramic coatings and protective sealants for all surfaces.

To start the new car detailing process, a nice long soak in Bilt-Hamber Autofoam to loosen and pull away road debris and dirt particles from the paintwork.

Car Detailing West Midlands
Alfa Romeo Giulia Detailing

We then conducted a safe method wash and decontamination of the paintwork and alloy wheels. During this step, a clay bar treatment is carried out (even on new cars this is vital!) to remove bonded contaminants.

clay bar car treatment telford

Picture: contamination picked up in the clay bar which has now been removed from the paintwork of the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Once the wash process was complete. the vehicle was pulled inside and dried carefully. A single stage machine polish was then conducted to remove swirls and scratches present in the paintwork from the dealerships wash process.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Ceramic Coating

Alfa Romeo Giulia Paint Protection

Once polished, the car was wiped down with a paintwork cleaner (igl Pre-coat) prior to us applying igl 'Quartz' ceramic coating!

Ceramic Coatings for a New Car

igl Coatings Quartz

Ecocoat QUARTZ is a revolutionary ceramic coating formulated with high silica content. It is our hardest coating on the market however does not contain any harsh chemicals (completely VOC Free). An average car paint hardness is in the range of 3-4H, Ecocoat Quartz is a 9H rated coating that is capable of adding additional 4H levels of hardness thus, increasing the paint resistance against harsh chemicals, scratches, marring and dullness.

The hardness of the coating protects the paint with a much slower degradation during daily use, thus protecting the master results of a perfectionist paint correction.

  • Extremely hydrophobic and repels water, dirt and road grime.

  • Excellent crystal like finish, adding depth and clarity to the paintwork.

  • 9H Hardness, adding resistance against scratches, marring and dulling.

  • Extremely slick to the touch.

Two layers were applied, as well as the alloy wheel faces being coated with igl WHEEL ceramic coating.

Car interior protection telford

car leather protection telford

The interior leather surfaces were coated with a leather guard treatment. This creates a tough barrier over the leather which does not change it's appearance, texture or smell. Spillages are easily mopped up as liquid will simply bead up on top of the leather's barrier. Dye transfer as dirt build up is halted and prevented by the leather coating. A fabric guarding treatment to all of the cars upholstery ensures the fabrics are sealed and protected against spillages.

Once left to cure over night, the vehicle was wiped down with igl Coatings 'Premier' spray sealant to provide further protection against the elements whilst the Alfa Romeo Giulia's new ceramic coating is in its 5 day initial cure period.

The car was then pulled out-side for the grand reveal to our customer and it's photoshoot!

Alfa Romeo Giulia Milano Blue

car ceramic coating west midlands

Professional car detailing telford

New Car Ceramic Coating Wolverhampton

car ceramic coating staffordshire
New Car Protection Detail Telford

car protection telford

Alfa Romeo Giulia Milano Blue

Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce

I hope you have enjoyed our write up and pictures, please view the walk-around video to see how truly stunning this Alfa Romeo Giulia looks after our New Car Detail process.

If you have a New Car and would like to find out more about the protective treatments for every surface of your vehicle, please get in touch with AutoWerX Detailing for more information and a FREE quote.

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