Focus RS Ceramic Coating - New Car Protection Detail

Focus RS New Car Protection Detail with SiRamik Glasscoat Paintwork Coatings.

2017 Ford UK Mk3 Focus RS Owners Club received an AutoWerX Detailing NewCar Protection Detail with the ever brilliant SiRamik Glasscoat SC15 Ceramic Coating, with additional SiRamik SC-HR Heat Resistant Coating applied to the Alloy Wheels and Exhaust Tips.

New Car Ceramic Coating AutoWerX Detailing

After a multi-step safe wash in which all road grime, tar, fall-out and baked on grime was safely removed from the exterior surfaces, the Focus RS was pulled into the workshop and safely dried using compressed warm air and fluffy drying towels.

Focus RS Paint Protection AutoWerX

Focus RS Paintwork protection AutoWerX
Focus RS Paint Protection Film

We then conducted a single step machine polish to remove paintwork defects such as buffer trails and light wash marring that was present from the dealerships/factory washing process.

New Car Ceramic Coating Shropshire

MK3 RS New Car Detail

Once wiped down with paintwork cleaner to remove any polishing oils, two layers of SiRamik SC15 Glasscoat were applied and left to cure. This creates a tough layer of glass coating over the paintwork, massively boosting gloss levels and protecting against light scratches, wash marring and prevents road grime/tar from sticking to the surface.

Benefits of SiRamik SC15:

  • Up to 2 year warranty.

  • Self-cleaning abilities reduces future maintenance.

  • Excellent protective properties.

  • Extremely versatile; can be applied to all paintwork, wheels, glass (except windscreen), plastic trim and metal.

  • Can also be used on interior plastics and leather.

Alloy wheels received two coats of SiRamik SC-HR which will prevent brake dust pitting the wheels over time, something which is well needed on the Focus RS! Exhausts were polished prior to also being coated. Keeping them glossy and soot free for time to come.

Alloy Wheel Ceramic Coating AutoWerX Detailing

AutoWerX Detailing Ceramic Coating Shropshire

Exhausts were also coated with SiRamik SC-HR Heat Resistant Coating.

Focus RS Exhaust System AutoWerX Detailing

Focus RS Exhaust Coating AutoWerX
MK3 Focus RS Detailing

Here are some finished pictures of the Focus RS after it's Ceramic Coating New Car Protection Detail:

MK3 Focus RS Paintwork Protection

MK3 Focus RS Gtechniq AutoWerX

MK3 Focus RS New Car Protection

MK3 focus rs Owners Club

MK3 RS owners Club Detailing

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