2017 Nissan GTR Paint Protection Film Install - SunTek

AutoWerX Detailing has just finished installing SunTek Ultra Paint Protection Film to this pristine condition 2017 Nissan GTR. This film and install comes backed with a 10 Year warranty, as well as the all new self healing and hydrophobic top coat built into the film itself.

Here is the Nissan GTR Completed after its Paint Protection Film installed. It received:

  • Full Front Bumper

  • Full Bonnet with Wrapped Edges (vents removed to wrap the edges and create a totally invisible paint protection film install.)

  • Full Wings

  • Wing Mirrors (Full Coverage)

  • Headlights

  • Indicators

The film installed by us is pre-cut in-house on our Graphtec plotter ensuring no cutting on the car is needed, and the pre-cut pattern is a perfect fit every time.

Here are the wings being installed as a one piece section, meaning no join lines are required or seen. The top edge of the wing film also wraps into the edge of the bonnet making for a much more invisible install and protecting areas where paintwork is often thinner.

Here are the wing's after being installed:

The bonnet vents were removed prior to applying the bonnet paint protection film. This allowed us to wrap the edges leaving a much more invisible install.

Once dry, the vents themselves were also filmed and re-fitted to the Nissan GTR.

The front bumper paint protection film was then applied. This came in over 8 pieces but once installed looked near on invisible to the eye:

(Splitter tape was used to protect the splitter during the customer trailing it out to see if he liked it on the car. This was applied by the customer himself and not us.)

Once completed, the rest of the car received a light detail and wipedown with Sonax BSD Detailer to provide good levels of protection and excellent gloss to really set the car off after its Paint Protection Film install. Here are some completed photos!

The optical clarity even once the film has been applied is simply fantastic..

To look at coverage options for your vehicle, please click the following link to see our sister companies website : https://www.autofilmsolutions.co.uk/

Please get in touch for a free quotation, or to ask us any questions you may have regarding Paint Protection Film and your vehicle.

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