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The owner of this Lamborghini LP540 had just purchased his new vehicle and wanted ensure every vital surface of the car was cleaned, polished and protected properly. Starting with a safe PH-Neutral pre rinse to loosen and safely remove surface dirt:

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This was left to dwell for 5 minutes before being rinsed. The next step was to clean the alloys which were looking rather sorry for themselves having built up a thick layer of brake dust. Other areas such as the fuel cap and door jambs were also deep cleaned with a citrus de-greaser.

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The Lamborghini was then treated to a two bucket safe wash including a clay bar treatment:

Lamborghini Detailing West Midlands
Lamborghini Paint Protection

This process is vital in removing bonded paintwork contaminants such as tar, fall-out and other baked on grime like tree-sap etc.

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Once re-washed and finally rinsed, the Lamborghini was safely dried using plush soft microfibre drying towels.

Once pulled inside the workshop, the interior floor matts were removed and thoroughly cleaned. Shampoo was applied to clean all upholstery before starting the leather conditioning. All leather surfaces including the seats, steering wheel and dash were firstly cleaned with a specialist leather cleaner.

Once cleaned, all leather surfaces were protected with GYEON Leather Coat. This will create a layer of slick nano protection over the leather to ensure any spillages and dirt build up are easily cleaned in the future.

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The alloy wheels once dried received two layers of Sonax Xtreme Alloy Wheel Sealant. This is a nano sealant that will create a slick layer of protection against brake dust and road grime ensuring the wheels are easy to clean in the future.

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The tyres were then dressed with a gel dressing to restore a slick glossy finish. The arches were also dressed with a plastic dressing to provide protection to the arches and restore a darker finish.

Lamborghini New Car Detail

The exterior received a light machine polish before we applied two layers of Swissvax Shield. Shield will provide up to 6 months of durable protection for the paintwork, repelling road grime, tar and other foreign bodies.

Swissvax Shield Lamborghini

Here are a few finished photos of the Lamborghini after its day long Summer Preparation Detail:

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Lamborghini New Car Detail

Lamborghini Paint Protection

lamborghini ceramic coating

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