Car Detailing Telford - BMW 340i M-Sport Full Detail

The owner of this beautiful BMW 340i M-Sport was looking for the perfect way to protect his new vehicle whilst working to a sensible budget. The vehicle was treated to one of AutoWerX Detailing's 'Summer' packages.

The exterior was treated to a multiple stage, safe decontamination. Two buckets are used when cleaning the paintwork to ensure the safest possible removal of dirt build up. Multiple wheel cleaners, fall-out removers, tar remover and other products are used along with a clay bar to get the paintwork as clean as possible.

Once dried, a high gloss polish was applied to the vehicles paintwork via the Rupes machine polishers. This creates the perfect bonding conditions for the paintwork protection to be applied to.

A layer of Swissvax Shield Wax was applied and left to cure, before a secondary layer was applied. This will provide 6 months minimum of durable, solid protection against the elements and road grime build up.

Alloy wheels were sealed and protected with Sonax Xtreme Wheel Sealant. This is a nano based sealant that creates a slick barrier of protection over the sealed surfaces. This will repel brake dust and road grime whilst ensuring the wheels are incredibly easy to clean during the weekly wash.

Interior fabrics were shampoo'd and the matts removed from the vehicle. These were treated with a fabric guard treatment (Gtechniq i1) and stripes were brushed in. Leather was cleaned with Zaino Leather Cleaners, before being conditioned and protected with GYEON Leather Coat.

Exhausts were polished using wire wool and Gtechniq M1 Metal Polish, removing 12k miles of carbon and soot build up to reveal a high gloss metal finish. These were also sealed with Metal Sealant to provide protection against the stubborn build up returning.

Once completed, the car was wiped over in Sonax Quick Detailer to provide an ever further layer of high gloss, slick protection for the paintwork. Glass was sealed with a rain repellant and all tyres and trim were dressed to finish.

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All vehicles featured on this website have been detailed and photographed by Ben Poole.

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