Paintwork Protection Film Install West Midlands - Ferrari 458 Italia

Looking to protect their Ferrari 458 from stone-chips, scratches and road debris my client opted to go for our 'Advanced Front End' Paint Protection Film installation. After discussions with us they chose the new SunTek Ultra as the film of choice, boasting a new 10 year warranty and water repelling self healing top coat. Areas to be covered were: Full Front Bumper, Full Bonnet (with wrapped edges), Full Wings and Wing Mirrors, Side Skirts, In-front of Rear Wheels, Rear Quarter and lastly, the Headlights. This Ferrari 458 kit was pre-cut on our plotter to suit the exact measurements of the car.

Paintwork protection film west midlands

Before the film installation could begin, the exterior was treated to a multi-step decontamination process. This involves a snow foam pre-wash followed by a 2 Bucket Method safe wash. Using safe PH neutral products all tar, fall-out and baked on road grime is removed by way of a thorough clay bar treatment. This stage is crucial in ensuring a high quality install with no bits of dirt stuck under the film!

As an added extra, all areas receiving film coverage also received a single step machine polish to remove any light paintwork marring or scratches before sealing in the finish with the film.

Beginning the film installation, we started with the bonnet first. The emblem badge was removed to allow a cleaner and more invisible install. This is a wrapped edges installation so the bonnet film is quite literally invisible to the eye.

SunTek Paint Protection West Midlands

Once installed, the edges are left to dry out before being trimmed down and wrapped.

Moving on, the wings and side skirts were next to be installed.

Stonechip protection Telford AutoWerX Detailing
Clear film protection telford west midlands

Once the side areas were installed, the headlights were applied before tackling the front bumper which is a 3 piece section allowing for not only an easier install but areas are replaced easier should you wish if they become damaged by road debris.

stonechip protection film west midlands

Here is the 458 completed with edges wrapped and the front bumper finally installed. The rest of the vehicle was then treated to a thorough detailed valet where a paintwork sealant was applied to the paintwork, alloy wheels and areas that had been filmed.

Here are a few more shots of the Ferrari 458 after it's Paintwork Protection Film treatment:

ferrari paint protection film

Ferarri Paint protection film

Clear protection film shropshire

SunTek PPF Telford

The SunTek film comes with a 10 year guarantee against yellowing and glue failure giving the owner total peace of mind. They can now enjoy driving the 458 on the road without risk of road debris and stone-chips damaging the paintwork. If you would like more information or a quote on our Paint Protection Film installs please get in touch. Email:

Call: 07904 449 728

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