BMW M3 - New Car Detail & SiRamik Paintwork Protection

The owner of this Yas Marina Blue M3 was serious on having his M3's surfaces protected as part of our New Car Detail. The car had only covered 200 miles since collection and with a selection of carbon fibre extras fitted it was all about the best protection possible. After some discussion and explaining the benefits of SiRamik Diamas Professionali and the APT system the decision was made to go all out with a full exterior wheels off and interior protection package. As with any New Car Detail a good, thorough preparation of the car was needed first to decontaminate every surface. A pre soak with Bilt-Hamber Auto Foam was the first step before a safe wash, tar removal, fall-out removal and clay bar treatment.

BMW M3 New Car Protection

BMW M3 New Car Preparation Detail

Once prepped, the car was safely dried with Microfibre Drying towels and pulled into the workshop for the paintwork to be inspected further.

New Car Detail M3

The paintwork was generally in very good condition, which is usually not the case as even new cars require a degree of paint correction due to improper wash methods by the dealer, storage at the compound and being mistreated in the delivery process. This was a different story however and only required a few areas of paint correction. The car was taped and bagged off before the polishing was started.

Car Detailing Stafford
Car Detailing West Midlands

A single stage machine polish was carried out on the car regardless. This was to boost gloss levels and polish the vehicle to create a brighter finish and bring out the paintwork fleck. This step is vital in preparing the lacquer of the car for the coatings to bond to properly once applied. This was using Sonax Perfect Finish and the Rupes Bigfoot machines.

Gloss black trim's as always requiring some attention to remove swirls and light scratches. These by nature are very very soft and scratch very easily until protected with a coating such as SiRamik HR.

SiRamik Detailer West Mids BMW M3

Once polished and the paintwork was now looking more than acceptable, the next step of the BMW M3 New Car Detail was to wipe the surfaces down with IPA and begin applying the SiRamik Advanced Protection System. The first layer is SiRamik HR (Heat Resistant Coating.)

BMW M3 New car Protection - Gtechniq C5

Once the rest of the coatings were applied (SiRamik HR, Ultima and Diamas Professionali) and left to cure, the alloy wheels were removed and coated including the callipers. This will ensure there is no need for damaging wheel cleaners to be used and the wheels are much easier to maintain in the weekly wash.

BMw alloy wheel coating gtechniq c5

Once coated the wheels were wiped down with SiRamik SC-Mist to provide even further protection whilst the coatings cured.

BMW M3 Exhaust Coating SiRamik HR

The exhaust tips were polished with Gtechniq M1 Metal Polish, before being coated and protected with SiRamik Heat Resistant Coating.

Gtechniq M1 Metal Polish on BMW M3 Exhaust

Windscreen glass received three coats of Gtechniq G1 and side glass received one coat.

Gtechniq G1 Glass Sealant on BMW M3 Windscreen

This ensures water rolls off the windscreen when driving at speed making driving in wet weather much safer as well as making the glass cleaner when driving as dirt particles bead up and roll away.

New Car Interior Protection Detail

The fabric matts were removed from the car and treated with a fabric waterproofer. This ensures any spillages are easily dealt with and will not sink into the pile of the carpet. Two coats were applied with 1 hour cure time between coats.

BMW interior protection

Gtechniq L1 Leather Protection BMW M3

Interior leather was protected with two layers of Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard. This creates a barrier of protection over the leather ensuring grease, grime and dye transfer from clothes does not effect the appearance of the leather.

The engine bay components and carbon brace were also treated to a layer of SiRamik SC-HR. This will keep things easier to maintain under the bonnet and act as a semi permanent dressing for the engine bay plastics.

Once the BMW M3 New Car Detail had been completed, it was ready to be collected by its loving owner. Here are a few pictures of the BMW M3:

BMW M3 after SiRamik Glasscoat Treatment

BMW M3 New Car Detail

Car Detailing West Midlands

SiRamik Accredited Detailer Shropshire

Gtechniq M3 New Car Protection

BMW M3 Detailing West Midlands

BMW M3 New Car Protection Detail
BMW M3 Paint Protection Detail

BMW M3 Paintwork Coating

If you are looking to purchase a New Car and would like to ensure it stays protected and easy to maintain, please check out our New Car Detail page or get in touch for a discussion about the many options available.

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