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After purchasing his Tesla Model S and realising the paintwork had become tired, dulled and marred from years of improper care my client booked for our Paintwork Correction Detail. We opted for a two stage paint correction to achieve the best possible results in the time we were allowed with the vehicle.

Due to the soft nature of the Tesla paintwork, the condition was one of the worst I'd ever seen. We were allowed a weekend with the car so it was straight into the prep work and polishing late into the night. Here are a few pictures from during and after the Tesla Paint Correction Detail.

During the Paint Correction process. Clarity and depth being restored as the swirls and scratches pictured above were being permanently removed.

Top;- Before us carrying out the paint correction.

Bottom;- After the two stage paint correction. Same area of paintwork.

Once completed, the Tesla Model S was coated with SiRamik SC15 to provide years of protection against the elements as well as light abrasions, wash marring and road grime.

Here are a few completed pictures:

If you are looking to have your Tesla's appearance significantly improved and protected, please get in touch with AutoWerX Detailing!

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