Porsche 718 Boxster S Paint Protection Film

Seeking the ultimate protection for their new Porsche 718 Boxster S my client asked us to install Paint Protection Film to the entire front end of the vehicle. Covering in excess of 30,000 miles a year protection against stone chips, bug grime etching and general road debris was much needed.

SunTek's Premium Self Healing film was chosen due to it's glossy finish that does not subtract away from the cars natural appearance and 5 year minimum warranty. The car was delivered to us straight from Porsche Centre Wolverhampton, still within it's protective wrap, so it was straight into the wash bay to be safely prepped and decontaminated.

Porsche 718 Boxster New Car Protection PPF

Valet Pro's PH Neutral Snow-foam in action pulling dirt and road grime away from the surface before a safe-wash with BriteMax PH Neutral Shampoo.

Once safely prepped and inside the workshop, the 718 Boxster S paintwork was inspected for any defects that needed attention prior to any film or protection being laid down. Over-all the condition was good with just a few areas of factory buffer trails that needed removing on the side skirts and rear bumper. It's important that any defects are removed from the paintwork via machine polisher (Rupes Bigfoot 15) so that should the film ever be removed, the paint condition under the PPF is perfect.

Porsche Boxster S 718 Paint Protection Detail

New Car Protection West Midlands AutoWerX Detailing

The defects were easily removed with Sonax Perfect Finish and the Rupes Yellow polishing pad, leaving a nice glossy finish that is blemish free.

Once the car was ready, the film was applied starting with the Full Bonnet. We firstly removed the badges and prepped the underside ready for wrapped edges.

We then began applying the Full Bonnet PPF.

Once the bonnet had dried and the edges were wrapped, the wings and front bumper were installed as well as side skirts giving every stone-chip prone area the best possible protection.

Paint Protection Film Wolverhampton

Paint Protection Film West Midlands

The front bumper was also installed with pre-cut parking sensors and washer cut-outs.

Porsche 718 Boxster S Paint Protection Film

Once completed, the rest of the car was treated with SiRamik Glasscoat's SC15 paintwork sealant. This is a high gloss coating providing two to three years of protection against light abrasions, bird lime etching, wash marring and road grime. This will also ensure the vehicle is much easier to clean in the weekly wash.

The convertible roof, interior leather and alloy wheels were also protected with their respective sealants.

Porsche Boxster S Fabric Roof Protection

Leather protected through-out with GYEON Leather Guard.

Once completed and all tyres and trims were dressed, the vehicle was left to cure prior to being collected. Here is what we were left with after it's protection had been applied.

Porsche New Car Detail Shropshire

Porsche 718 Boxster S PPF

Bumper Protection Telford AutoWerX Detailing

Porsche Boxster S Stonechip Protection

If you are looking to protect your Porsche or other vehicle, why not take a look at our Paint Protection Film or New Car Detail services? You can get in touch here.

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