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This stunning 2017 Nissan GTR was booked for our New Car Preparation and Protection Detail. The owner opted to have SiRamik Glasscoat's SC15 applied to protect and maintain the finish of the GTR, but more importantly improve the ease of washing. The facelift

Commuting hundreds of miles weekly the car was to be used for its intended purpose and also attend car meets/shows regularly. The correct application of SiRamik SC15 will certainly provide the goods and ensure the car is easier to maintain for a minimum of 2 to 3 years with the correct care. A super-slick surface ensures grime and dirt built up is washed away easily leaving a glass like finish every time.

2017 Nissan GTR Detail AutoWerX Detailing

New Nissan GTR paintwork Protection AutoWerX Detailing

As with any good New Car Detail, preparation is key. We carried out a multi-step prep process firstly pre-soaking the GTR in Bilt-Hamber Autofoam to loosen and pull surface grime away from the paintwork and wheels before a 2 bucket method wash. All tar and hazardous fall-out deposits were removed from the paintwork, as well as a final clay bar treatment to ensure everything was as clean as possible before polishing.

Once pulled into the workshop and dried, we inspected the paintwork and carried out a light machine polish with Sonax Perfect Finish and the Rupes Bigfoot polishers.

Carbon fibre panels were also polished to enhance their finish and remove light swirling/marring caused from the production process. The over-all condition of the GTR's paintwork before we started polishing was very good (a rare occurrence however) and required no more than a single step polish to prepare the surface in this instance.

Car Detailing Telford, Nissan GTR Detailing

F1 Carbon GTR Parts

Once polished, the car was wiped down with IPA to reveal the true finish. We inspected the vehicle again for any swirl marks, scratches and other defects. Once satisfied with the finish we were about to lock in the GTR was ready for application of SiRamik SC15.

Car Detailing Shropshire, Nissan GTR Detailing

The correct polishing methods used by us had really bought out the metallic fleck in the paintwork. Compared to before the fleck was now beginning to glitter and pop in the light due to better clarity in the lacquer/top coat after our polishing.

Whilst the SiRamik SC15 coating was curing, the exhaust tips were polished with Gtechniq M1 Metal Polish and sealed in SiRamik SC-HR (heat Resistant coating designed for Alloy Wheels and Exhaust tips)

Nissan GTR 2017 Detailing - AutoWerX Detailing Telford

Exhaust after, SiRamik HR Coating GTR Detailing

The SiRamik HR Coating will help prevent stubborn carbon deposits building up on the exhaust tips, keeping their finish looking newer for longer and ensuring they can be cleaned with ease on the weekly wash.

SiRamik SC-HR Coating - AutoWerX Detailing

Once completed, the interior was tickled and tidied prior to the exterior being wiped down with SiRamik SC-Praefulgeo to provide even further wet look gloss and a sacrificial layer of protection whilst the SC15 coating cures. Heres a few final shots of the 2017 Nissan GTR post New Car Detail at AutoWerX Detailing:

Nissan GTR Ceramic Coating

GTR35 New Car Detail

New Car Protection West Midlands

New Car Ceramic Coating Telford

2017 GTR Paint Protection

If you are considering buying a GTR and would be interested in our New Car Protection Detail service, please get in touch to discuss your requirements. ben@autowerxdetailing.co.uk 07904 449 728

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