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This beautiful BMW M4 in Silverstone Blue was booked for our New Car Protection Detail service with SiRamik Glasscoat. In particular the SiRamik Advanced Protection System was to be applied to the paintwork, alloy wheels and exhaust tips. As well as a full interior leather and upholstery protection package this would maintain the cars better than showroom condition for the foreseeable 5 years ahead.

As with any good New Car Protection detail, the first step was to safely pre-wash and deeply cleanse the paintwork. Bilt-Hamber snowfoam was first applied to soften and loosen road grime build up before a thorough rinse.

BMW M4 New Car Protection

Gtechniq W1 Iron Fall-out remover was used to safely deep clean the alloy wheels and remove any bonded iron contaminants once they had been pre-cleaned with a safe PH neutral wheel cleaner. As you can see even though the car was a few days old the wheel contamination from the new brakes was certainly very thick!

Once the car was cleaned down safely, all bonded contaminants, tar and glue residue from the dealership was safely removed. We then pulled the car into the workshop to begin the paint correction phase of the BMW New Car Protection detail.

BMW M4 Silverstone Blue Protection Detail

The paintwork was inspected and found to be in very good condition. With the dealership being asked to NOT touch the vehicle upon delivery and only remove the protective wrap. Our safe washing and drying process ensured we only needed to 'jewell' the paintwork to boost the gloss and prepare the surfaces for coating. This process would remove very light wash marring if there were any.

BMW M4 Full Detail AutoWerX Detailing

The roof required more attention to create a more optically clear finish. For this we firstly used Sonax Perfect Finish to polish the area twice, before jeweling the carbon with SiRamik SC-Prime to give it a wetter look finish before locking in that finish for good with the SiRamik Glasscoat APT System.

BMW M4 Protection Film

We then began applying the SiRamik Advanced Protection System. This consists of one layer of SiRamik HR (Heat Resistant Coating) as a very hard base layer. After a number of hours curing, SiRamik Ultima (the very hydrophobic and glossy wet look coating) is applied and left to cure overnight.

SiRamik Detailer

AutoWerX Detailing are a SiRamik Accredited Detailer. Our skills, insurances, preparation techniques and application methods have been thoroughly and regularly tested, checked and proven to be among some of the best. It is because of this we are proud to be SiRamik Accredited and offer full warranties with our applications.


SC-HR: has been formulated to withstand heat to the extreme temperatures of exhausts and engine components and is ideally suited for alloy wheels and brake callipers. As the base layer for the paintwork this is among the toughest and strongest available today and alone will provide in excess of 2+ years.

SC-Ultima: is the upper coating that will provide the extreme gloss and crisp clear looks that will create an unbelievable hydrophobic layer, adding further protection and superior cleaning abilities. Ultima is also suitable for all plastics offering excellent durability.

Whilst the exterior cured, the interior was treated to a light cleanse prior to all surfaces being treated. Leather was firstly protected with Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard.

Gtechniq Leather Guard on BMW M4 Interior

BMW M4 Leather Protection West Midlands

This creates a layer of protection over the leather, ensuring any marks, spillages and soiling is easily dealt with in the future. It also prevents the likes of dye transfer from jeans and clothing from sticking/transferring to the leather. A factory matte finish is left behind and there is no change to the appearance of the leather.

M4 Fabric Protection

M4 Interior Protection West Midlands

Gtechniq i1 Smart Fabric was applied to all fabric surfaces and carpets including the boot. The matts were removed to be sealed, as was the fabric under the matts themselves. This creates an invisible hydrophobic barrier over the fabric ensuring water/spillages/dirt can no longer seep into the carpets.

car interior protection telford

The interior carbon trim was also treated with SiRamik HR to leave a tough layer of protection that will prevent scratches and light marring when wiped over in the weekly clean.

Exhaust tip protection coating SiRamik HR

Exhaust tips were de-contaminated and lightly polished before being sealed in SiRamik Heat Resistant Coating. This is ideally designed for exhausts as it withstands very high burning temperatures. The protective coating will ensure no stubborn carbon or soot is able to stick to the exhaust tips, keeping them fresh and newer looking for longer.

SiRamik HR on BMW M4 Alloys

Alloy wheels were hand polished, cleansed with IPA and then coated with two layers of SiRamik HR. This will prevent carbon from brake discs and harsh road contaminants from bonding so severely to the alloys. They will now be much easier to clean using just warm soapy water and the correct cleaning tools. There will be no need for harsh cleaning acids or chemicals.

The paintwork and all coated surfaces were then wiped down with SiRamik SC-Mist for added slickness and wet look gloss. Tyres were dressed in Meguiars Tyre Dressing and we then were ready to take some pictures of the M4..

BMW M4 Paintwork Protection

M4 New Car Protection

M4 Ceramic Paint Protection

New Car Protection Shropshire

New Car Protection Telford

M4 New Car Preparation and Protection Detail

BMW M4 Gtechniq

BMW M4 Full Detail

If you are looking at having your vehicle protected, why not get in touch to talk about our New Car Protection Packages.

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