New Car Protection Detail | 2016 Audi S3 Daytona Grey

November 27, 2016

Audi S3 New Car Preparation and Protection Detail 

When purchasing an Audi S3, it's only correct that you should also purchase the very best possible paint protection to ensure the 2.0TFSI 295bhp monster stays looking better than showroom condition throughout your ownership and beyond.


This perfect example in Daytona Grey was collected by the owner from our local dealership (Shrewsbury Audi) and had only covered 240 miles before being delivered to us at our secure workshop in Ironbridge, Telford for our SiRamik Glasscoat New Car Protection Detail with Diamas Professionali and the Advanced Protection System. (This is only able to be applied by Siramik accredited detailers such as AutoWerX Detailing)




As with any New Car Detail, we carry out a multi-step pre-wash stage where we thoroughly prepare the vehicles exterior surfaces including a tar, fall-out and clay bar treatment. However, before we even touch the vehicle we pre-soak it in a thick, warm foam to break down any road grime and contamination. 


We deeply clean all exterior surfaces using a multitude of tools, PH neutral cleaners and professional methods from the wheels up.



Once dried with warm filtered air inside our workshop, we conduct a single stage machine polish to remove any light wash marring and fine scratches that may have occurred during the dealerships wash process. This also creates the best possible surface conditions for the coatings to bond to on a molecular level.



The gloss black trims required some attention - despite the car only being washed once incorrectly by the dealer there was some siwlring and light scratches present. Here is a before and after (Top: Before, Bottom: After)


When the coatings are applied, the finish we have achieved on the car is about to be locked in for life. It's important that we ensure the paintwork is as perfect as possible before coating. This is what separates AutoWerX Detailing from other detailing firms (as well as the dealership) that would likely apply the paint protection without properly preparing the surfaces on your car, thus shortening it's life span and durability drastically.


Audi S3 Paint Protection - SiRamik Glasscoat APT & Diamas


AutoWerX Detailing are a SiRamik Accredited Detailer. Our skills, insurances, preparation techniques and application methods have been thoroughly and regularly tested, checked and proven to be among some of the best. It is because of this we are proud to be SiRamik Accredited and offer full warranties with our applications.




SC-HR: has been formulated to withstand heat to the extreme temperatures of exhausts and engine components and is ideally suited for alloy wheels and brake callipers. As the base layer for the paintwork this is among the toughest and strongest available today and alone will provide in excess of 2+ years.


SC-Ultima: is the upper coating that will provide the extreme gloss and crisp clear looks that will create an unbelievable hydrophobic layer, adding further protection and superior cleaning abilities. Ultima is also suitable for all plastics offering excellent durability.


Diamas Professionali (Worlds Finest and truest Diamond Coating)
- Unrivalled self-cleaning abilities.
- Superior gloss levels and paint clarity.
- Intensifies metallic, pearl, candy and flip paint finishes.
- Extremely durable, providing protection for up to 5 years.
- Superior protection against bird droppings, industrial fallout and dirt.



Alloy wheels/callipers were also sealed and coated respectively to ensure every single surface of this Audi S3 gets the very best possible start to life. This will prevent road grime and carbon from sticking so fiercely to the alloy wheel faces and barrels. This will ensure they are cleaned easier in the weekly wash and no harsh chemicals will be needed.


The interior was also treated to a full leather cleanse and leather protection treatment with GYEON Leather Guard. This will maintain the leathers matte factory finish whilst also ensuring any spillages are wiped up with ease. 






Fabric upholstery was also treated and protected with fabric waterproofer ensuring no spillages seep into the pile of carpets.


Despite only covering 250 miles, the exhaust tips needed polishing to prepare them prior to being coated with SiRamik HR (Heat Resistant Coating.) This will prevent stubborn carbon and soot build up ensuring they are easily cleaned in the weekly wash.




Before dressing all tyres and trims, we treated the windscreen to two layers of SiRamik SC-Vision. This creates an extremely hydrophobic glass layer over the windscreen. Water will now bead up and simply roll away upon contact making wet weather driving much safer.




With the whole vehicle now protected and looking slick and glossy, we left it to cure for a number of hours before wiping it down with SC-Praefulgeo to provide even further protection whilst the coatings fully hardened and cure.


Here is the result of our S3 New Car Preparation and Protection Detail:












If you are purchasing a new vehicle and would like this service carried out, or to discuss our other protection options please get in touch. We will achieve long lasting paintwork perfection for you. 




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All vehicles featured on this website have been detailed and photographed by Ben Poole.

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