BMW M3 - New Car Paint Protection Detail - AutoWerX Detailing

Here at Autowerx Detailing - Professional Car Care we care about your new cars paint protection. Driving your car knowing that every surface is protected is a brilliant feeling. Easier and stress free washing in the weekly wash routine means more time on the road enjoying your car - we like that!

This gorgeous BMW M3 in Yas Marina Blue visited the AutoWerX Detailing workshop for our signature New Car Protection Detail which would see SiRamik Glasscoats APT system and Diamas Professionali applied. This is a 3 step coating system providing ultra durable glass like protection and wet look paintwork for many many years.

bmw m3 new car detail
bmw m3 paint protection

We thoroughly prepped the car, and conducted a single stage machine polish with the Rupes Bigfoot polishers to ensure the paintwork was in perfect condition prior to the coatings "locking in" the finish we achieved.

BMW M3 paint Protection Detail
BMW M3 Paint Correction Detail - AutoWerX Detailing

BMW M3 Paint Correction Detail - AutoWerX Detailing

Paintwork was then wiped down and sealed with SiRamik SC-HR, SC-Ultima and Diamas Professionali.

Alloy wheels, callipers and exhaust tips were sealed with SiRamik Heat Resistant coating (SC-HR). This prevents carbon and soot build up by creating a defensive barrier on the coated surfaces.

BMW M3 New Car Paint Protection Detail

Interior leather, fabric and plastics were all protected to keep the interior looking dapper and fresh for the foreseeable future.

BMW M3 Interior Protection Detail - AutoWerX Detailing

BMW M3 New Car Interior Protection - AutoWerX Detailing

We finished the detail by sealing the windscreen with Gtechniq G1 to ensure rain simply beads up and rolls away when driving in wet weather conditions.

After all of our hard work and allowing the coatings to cure, here is what we are left with:

BMW M3 New Car Detail

BMW M3 New Car Detail - AutoWerX Detailing

BMW M3 SiRamik Glasscoat

SiRamik Accredited Detailer West Midlands

SiRamik Diamas Professionali AutoWerX Detailing

If you are looking to have your vehicles appearance enhanced or your new car professionally and thoroughly protected with the best products available, please get in touch with us.

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