Tesla Paint Protection Film - AUTOFILM Solutions Model S P90

Seeking the Ultimate New Car Protection Service our customer booked his new Tesla Model S in for our full Advanced Front End Paint Protection Film package and SiRamik Advanced Protection System ceramic coating.

This would ensure the car starts life with the very best possible protection and maintains showroom new for years to come. All stone chip prone areas receiving SunTek Self Healing film applied by our sister company Autofilm Solutions.

After a thorough safe pre-wash process including all tar and fall-out removed from the car. We carried out a paint cleansing treatment with a clay-bar.


Once dried the panels receiving the Paint Protection Film first were polished to boost gloss levels and remove any light marring from the dealerships wash process.

tesla model s new car detail

Over the course of two/three days we then applied SunTek Paint Protection Film to the:

  • Front Bumper

  • Bonnet (with wrapped edges to leave a cleaner and virtually invisible install)

  • Wings

  • Wing Mirrors (whole wing mirror)

  • Side Skirts and splash kit

  • Rear Arches

  • Boot Loading Deck

  • A Pillars & Half Roof

  • Headlights

Our film is guaranteed to protect your vehicles appearance, maintaining it's brand new condition and re-sale value for many many years to come. We also provide a 5 year minimum guarantee with our film.

Once the film had settled and dried, SiRamik Advanced Protection System was then applied to the paintwork, new film & alloy wheels. This is a 5 year ceramic coating making the future weekly wash extremely easy. SiRamik APT prevents light wash marring with the correct washing process keeping the vehicle looking box fresh for life.

Interior leather and fabric was also protected to create the ultimate new car protection service. Here are the results of our hard work:





More info on SiRamik APT: http://www.autowerxtelford.co.uk/siramik-apt

To get in touch with us and find out more about our paintwork protection film (PPF) please look at our sister company www.autofilmsolutions.co.uk.

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