650BHP Nissan GTR - Paintwork Correction Detail

With a massive 650bhp and over £30,000 of modifications this Nissan GT-R R35 needed it's paintwork to look as good as the car performs. Autowerx Detailing - Professional Car Care were kindly asked to see what we could do with the vehicle to bring it up to standard for the owner whilst working to a set figure.

The car's paintwork had taken harsh abuse from the previous owner and the very soft paintwork had become severely dulled, scratched and marred over the last 6 or so years due to improper wash methods. It was suspected that the previous owner had used a brush to clean the vehicle.

The aim of our detail was to perform a "paintwork enhancement" (a single stage machine polish) to remove as much of the damage from the paintwork as possible with just 1 stage of polishing.

After a thorough decontamination in the wash bay, the GTR was pulled into the workshop and dried ready for a more thorough inspection. (Please see pictures.)

Once the correct polishing combination had been tried and tested on an inconspicious area of the car, we realised the results and difference after our polish could be massive and the owner would see significant gains to the clarity and gloss of his paintwork. It would not be 100% perfect by any means, but it would be a massive improvement and see around 70% to 80% of the current defects removed.

The vehicle then received around 6 to 8 hours of indepth and thorough machine polishing. On some areas that were worse than others more time was spent carrying out multiple passes with the Rupes UK Bigfoot Polishers to bring the paintwork up to standard.

Other parts of the vehicle such as the absoloutely MAHOOSIVE exhaust tips were meticulously polished by hand (receiving multiple polishing stages) to remove the masses of carbon build up that had not been tended to in a number of years. We spent on average 2 hours polishing just the inner tips alone to remove the carbon build up and bring them back to life within our time limit.

Two coats of a high quality luxury wax were then applied to the vehicle and left to cure for 15 minutes before removal. It was then quick detailer wiped down to remove any oil marks etc.

With the tyres and plastics dressed and glass cleaned, the finishing touches were finalised and AutoWerX Detailing's challenge to transform this cars paintwork from zero to hero had been completed..

We hope you enjoy the pictures. If you would like your car to receive this treatment or similar, please get in touch with us or look at our Paintwork Correction page:


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