2016 Mercedes C63 AMG - New Car Protection Detail

We had the privilege of being approached by this customer who had seen some of our other work to perform our New Car Protection Detail on his Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. The car is a brand new 66 plate and was delivered to us with a few miles of spirited driving road grime build up.

Mercedes New Car Protection Detail West Midlands

A snowfoam pre-wash was the first order to safely break down and remove surface contaminants whilst the rest of the exterior was deeply cleansed with tar, clay and fall-out treatments to ensure everything was squeakily clean before being pulled into the workshop.

Our lighting & inspection stage discovered more than average swirl marks and lighter fine scratches on the paintwork. A single stage gloss enhancement detail was carried out across the vehicle to remove these as much as physically possible and leave us with perfect paintwork ready to be sealed in and coated with SiRamik Glasscoat Advanced Protection System. (Siramik accredited detailerscoating only)

The exterior was coated with SC-HR and SC-Ultima (together these coatings create the APT system which also includes a 5 year warranty from us, too) offering protection from scratches, bird lime etching, wash marring, tree sap, tar and other daily contaminants that are caused from driving!)

Alloy wheels and exhaust tips also received a layer of SiRamik HR (Heat Resistant Coating)

Once curing, the interior received a thorough protection detail with all fabric and leather surfaces being treated with Gtechniq leather guard and Chemical Guys Fabric Guard to give the interior the best start to life.

Once the engine bay was dressed and tidied, the vehicle received two wipe-downs with SiRamik SC Mist for further protection from the elements. This also protects the coating whilst it cures over the next few days too. All plastic trim was also dressed with SiRamik SC15 to ensure a wet black finish stays with the car for life, and the car forever looks 'better than' showroom new!

After all of our hard work, here is what we are left with..

Mercedes C63 New Car Detailing

SiRamik Glasscoat APT system

SiRamik Accredited Detailer Shropshire

SiRamik Paint Protection

SiRamik Advanced Protection System Detail

New Car Protection Detail West Midlands

New Car Protection Detail Telford

C63 AMG 2016

2016 C63 AMG New Car Detail

Mercedes C63

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