2016 Focus RS - SiRamik Diamas New Car Detail

Autowerx Detailing - Professional Car Care were invited in to Evans Halshaw Ford Wolverhampton to prepare this brand new Ford Mk3 Focus RS prior to the owner taking delivery of the car and ensure every surface was protected as part of our New Car Detail. We travelled out from our workshop in Ironbridge, Telford to Wolverhampton over two days working late in to the evening to complete the work for the customer.

Over the course of two days, we were the only people to touch the vehicle. Allowing us to safely cleanse and prepare the surfaces by way of a safe decontamination using only professional methods and products. This involves a snowfoam pre-wash, two bucket safe wash, tar, fall-out and clay treatment to ensure the paintwork is as clean as possible and free from any foreign bodies. Once safely dried and indoors, the paintwork was thoroughly inspected under many sources of natural and artificial lighting, this allows us to notice and remove any paintwork defects caused from the production/delivery of the vehicle. Any marks or marring detected is permanently removed by way of a machine polish. In this instance we used SONAX USA Perfect Finish.

A single stage machine polish was then completed across the whole vehicle with SiRamik Glasscoat SC-Prime polish. This creates stunning levels of gloss and leaves the painted surfaces ready for coating.

SiRamik Glasscoat's Advanced Protection System was then applied to the vehicle, followed by Diamas Professionali (the worlds first and finest diamond coating for paintwork.) The APT system and Diamas Professionali are only available to be applied by Siramik accredited detailers such as ourselves. This process took the best part of a day allowing for the correct cure time between coats as well as being extremely thorough with what areas we were coating.

Alloy wheels were removed, cleaned and wiped down with IPA (50:50) and received an application of SiRamik HR (heat resistant coating). This prevents road grime, brake dust and contaminants sticking to the surface of the alloys & ensures future maintenance is incredibly easy. SiRamik Mist was then applied for added slickness and protection. The wheels were re-fitted and torqued back to manufacturer recommendations but not before the massive brembo calipers also received a dose of SiRamik HR, too.

The windscreen was polished with Gtechniq Nano Glass Polish, wiped with IPA (50:50) and received three coats of Gtechniq G1. This ensures all water simply beads up and rolls away upon contact, lessening need for wipers when driving in wet weather conditions.

Leather received a leather guarding treatment with Gtechniq L1, and fabric proofing sealant was applied to all matts and flooring (Gtechniq i1) SiRamik HR was also applied to the exhaust tips, left to cure and topped with Diamas Professionali for the added pop and glimmer of the super shiny exhaust tips, which will now stay looking quite simply, fantastic.

SiRamik HR Exhaust Coating

We installed blue gel RS decals onto the rear spoiler for this customer which really set the car off with matching coloured calipers and badges.

The engine bays main plastics were sealed with SiRamik SC15, and under the bonnet sealed with SiRamik Mist to keep things looking spick and span at all times for the customer.

We then wiped the vehicle down after leaving the coating for 4 hours to initially cure. SiRamik Mist sealant was applied for extra 'pop and gloss.' Not that it was needed with Diamas Professionali on the forefront of protection and gloss duties for the next 5 years minimum. After all of our hard work, here is what we are left with..

The vehicle was left over-night to cure before the customer collected the next day from the dealership. A 5 year minimum guarantee is available from ourselves at AutoWerX Detailing when you opt for the Advanced Protection System and Diamas Professionali Upgrade. If you are looking to purchase a new vehicle and want to protect it's appearance for the foreseable future, please get in touch or check out our website: www.autowerxtelford.co.uk

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