2016 Focus RS - New Car Preparation & Protection Detail

The owner of this beautiful Focus RS in Nitrous Blue wanted to ensure that his new pride and joy was protected from all that life could throw at it so booked in for our New Car Protection Detail. This would see SiRamik APT system applied to the vehicle's paintwork, alloys and exhaust tips as well as other interior surfaces all being protected.

The car had been driven for a few hundred miles but was delivered to us still in some of it's protective wrap. The first process was to get it as clean as possible before we carried out any polishing or applied any protection.

The car was soaked in Bilt-Hamber snow-foam to loosen any bug splatter and surface contaminants prior to a safe two bucket method wash.

Alloy wheels were deeply cleaned and tyres scrubbed with Autosmart Smart Wheels and all paintwork fall-out removed with Gtechniq W6 Iron Remover.

Once safely washed the entire car was dried with soft fluffy drying towels from Microfibre Madness and was then ready for our paintwork inspection stage.

Under strong lighting we found marring from the production line and a few DA marks that needed to be safely removed first. Sonax Perfect Finish and the Rupes Mini yielded perfect results and removed the imperfections with ease.

Focus RS Paint Correction Detail

Once these were safely removed a light polish was conducted over the whole vehicle with SiRamik SC-Prime.

2016 Focus RS New Car Detail

The paintwork was then protected with the SiRamik APT system. A layer of HR was applied and left to cure for 1 hour. This bonds to the vehicle creating a tough and heat resistant glass layer of protection over the coated surfaces. SC-Ultima was then applied over the top of this creating a further high definition gloss and providing slick hydrophobic protection.

Alloy wheels were coated with SiRamik HR, creating a toughened layer of protection minimising brake dust build up and foreign objects sticking to the alloys. They will also be considerably easier to clean in the future for the customer.

Exhaust tips received 2 applications of SiRamik HR. The heat resistant layer will prevent carbon and soot build up whilst ensuring any build up at all is easily wiped away on the weekly wash.

Leather and interior fabric surfaces were the next to be protected with leather receiving two applications of Gtechniq L1 Leather Guard. All carpeted surfaces including the floor matts being waterproofed with a nano protectant. This will prevent spillages and liquids seeping into the carpets as well as leather surfaces being soiled.

Glass was coated in Gtechniq G1 glass coating. This makes driving in wet weather conditions much easier and safer, ensuring water simply beads up on contact and rolls away.

The Focus RS was left to cure for a few hours before all trim and plastics were dressed and the entire vehicle given a number of wipe-downs with SiRamik Mist to add a sacrificial layer of protection before the customer collected his new pride and joy that is now ready for the roads ahead.

Here is what we were presented with after our hard work and protection treatments..

Focus RS SiRamik APT Detail

MK3 Focus RS Protection Detail

Nitrous Blue Focus RS Paint Protection

MK3 Focus RS Nitrous Blue

SiRamik Focus RS MK3

2016 Mk3 Focus RS Nitrous Blue APT

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