2014 BMW X6M - Paint Correction Detail

Here we have this beautiful BMW X6M in Dark Blue which came in to visit AutoWerX Detailing West Midlands for our paintwork correction detail. The car is used for some serious motorway travelling and covers in excess of 1000 miles per week. A hard life of hand car washes and improper paintwork care had caused swirls, scratches and deeper marks in the paintwork.

Before any polishing of the car could commence, it was subjected to a thorough wash process. This allows all road grime, old wax, tar, fall-out and bonded contaminants to be safely removed.

Once safely dried the plastics were masking taped off and alloy wheels covered to avoid compounding dust and polish transfer during the paint correction process.

BMW X6M Paint Correction Detail in Telford Shropshire

The Rupes bigfoot combined with Meguiars 105 and a MF cutting pad was used for the hard cut, lifting and permanently removing the defects from the paintwork.

A white polishing pad then equipped with Meguiars 205 was used to restore a deep gloss to the X6 and remove any defects left from the compounding stage.

Due to time being of the essence, SiRamik Mist was used to provide vital paintwork protection. Two layers were applied leaving an hour between coats to allow them to cure properly.

Plastic trim was also dressed with SiRamik SC15 to restore a darker appearance and provide protection from UV rays. Exterior glass was also sealed with SiRamik SC15.

With the finishing touches completed, here is what we were left with:

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