New Car Protection Detail - BMW 530d SiRamik APT

Upon taking delivery of his brand new BMW 530d M Sport, the owner was extremely keen to have it protected from all that the elements could throw at it and the interior treated to prevent any damage from all that his children could throw at it!

He booked in for AutoWerX Detailing’s New Car Preparation and Protection Detail, which would see every exterior surface coated with SiRamik APT system and interior leather and fabric sealed to protect it.

The car was delivered in a somewhat clean condition to the AutoWerX Detailing workshop with only a few hundred miles on the clock since the owner took delivery. However, before any paint protection could be applied the exterior needed a thorough wash. A snowfoam pre-wash followed by a full decontamination of the paintwork ensured everything was squeaky clean and ready for polishing. All tar, fall-out particles and road grime is removed in this process.

Light wash marring was present on the vehicle from the dealerships pre-delivery washing, however this was dealt with and permanently removed by way of machine polishing with SiRamik SC-Prime and the Rupes 21 Bigfoot.

Once polished, a layer of SiRamik SC-HR was then applied and allowed to cure before a layer of SiRamik SC-Ultima was also applied and left to cure. Once bonded together the pair of coating cure to form an ultra tough and highly durable layer of glass to protect the coated surfaces. (5 year protection minimum.) Immediately a layer of glass protection begins to form. A deep gloss develops even further.

Whilst the exterior of the vehicle cured, the interior leather was cleaned and wiped with an all purpose cleaner prior to being protected with two coats of Gtechniq Leather Guard (l1). Fabrics including floor matts were then treated with Gtechniq Smart Fabric to prevent soiling and liquids loam the carpets.

Glass surfaces were protected with a rain repellent to ensure water beads up and rolls away on contact whilst alloy wheels received a coat of SiRamik HR to promote easier future cleaning. Prevention of brake dust and road grime build up is another benefit.

Here is what we were left with after a very thorough 15+ hour SiRamik Advanced Protection Technology System detail:

If you would like your car to receive a similar treatment, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

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