2016 Porsche Cayenne - Preparation and Protection Detail

The owner of this Porsche Cayenne searched professional new car detailing in the West Midlands and after explaining about the SiRamik APT system they scheduled for their vehicle to be delivered to AutoWerX Detailing for our New Car Protection Detail.

The SiRamik APT System is a two part vehicle coating system at the forefront of the paintwork protection marke using glasscoat technology. Only available to be installed by SiRamik Accredited detailers such as AutoWerX Detailing.

SiRamik APT

Part 1 Heat Resistant Coating (HR) & Part 2 'Ultima' Hydrophobic glossy top layer coating partnering together to furnish a minimum of 5 years of tough and impervious protection from all manner of elements.

Before any protection stages could start, the vehicle was treated to a thorough wash and decontamination. This allows us to remove all glue from transport wrap, fall-out particles from shipping and any road tar and grime that had gathered upon delivery driving.

Once dried and inspected in the workshop SC Prime was applied via the Rupes 21 Bigfoot polisher. This creates a microscopically clean, defect free surface for the coating to bond to. The polish contains no fillers, waxes or oils that would give a false appearance of the condition of the paintwork.

A layer of HR was applied to all painted surfaces and left to cure for 1 hour before 1 layer of Ultima was then applied and left to cure respectively. Immediately the gloss and fleck of the paintwork begins to glow as an ultra durable glass coat layer forms.

Whilst the first layer of HR cured, the alloy wheels were coated in a layer of SC-HR to allow incredibly easier future maintenance and prevent brake dust build up from damaging the alloys. Exhaust tips also received this treatment.

Interior leather surfaces were treated with a dedicated leather protectant (Gtechniq l1). This repels dirt, dye, oil and grime and ultimately prevents the deteriation of leather surfaces. Fabric was also protected with a scotch guard type sealer (Gtechniq i1)to prevent liquids and dirt seeping into carpet fibres.

Glass sealed with a hydrophobic rain repellent ensures driving in the rain is 10x safer and the need for wiper blades is lessened. This ensures water beads up upon contact with the glass and simply rolls away.

The perfect way to safeguard your investment. Easier future maintenance, a car that is protected from scratches, marking, swirling, bird lime etching and above all is much easier to maintain in the future wash sessions.

What we were left with..

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