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After searching online for car detailing in the west midlands, my customer approached me with specific requirements for his BMW X6. "I want a real hard level protection and a better than showroom gloss!”

Well, look no further than SiRamik Glasscoat's Advanced Protection Technology System. A two part coating consisting of SC-HR and SC Ultima. (Only available to be installed by SiRamik Accredited Detailers, of which AutoWerX Detailing is proud to be one of!)

Watch the Walk-around video below!

SC-HR: Heat Resistant ultra durable coating, creating a tough coat of glass like armour over the vehicle once cured. (Base layer)

SC-Ultima: A high gloss, extremely hydrophobic top layer possessing crisp, sharp and a stunning wet looks.

Combine them together and the results speak for themselves and boast a minimum of 5 years of excellent, unravelled protection for your pride and joy.

This gorgeous and meticulously well maintained BMW X6 received some serious polishing, and was 'jeweled' with SiRamik Prime. A select number of light scratches and wash marring was also polished out prior to the SC-Prime being applied.

A rather nasty stone chip was also in need of some attention. Filling and repairing the area with genuine BMW paint, combined with professional wet sanding/polishing techniques allowed for an excellent improvement and repair to the stonechip.

This professional and skilled process of ‘paintwork jeweling’ truly brings out the gloss, and exhibits the fleck in the paintwork whilst giving the coatings a perfectly prepared base to bond to.

1 layer of HR coating followed by 1 further layer of Ultima was applied and left to cure respectively over-night. This allows perfect curing times and conditions away from mother nature and allows the hardness and gloss levels of the coating to take form.

With the owner also wanting a more 'stealthy' appearance to the car, we ordered and installed black (matt) style X6 badges to tie things together nicely. These were direct from BMW to keep the authenticity of the vehicle in check.

With the interior tidied, and alloy wheels sealed the detail was completed, allowing this owner to pick up and drive away in his stunning, extremely well protected BMW X6 oozing and dripping with gloss. Here are some more completed pictures of the beautiful X6 once completed and coated with SiRamik APT:

If you think your vehicle would benefit from a similar treatment, please get in touch with me directly.

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