Cayman GT4 - Full Detail

Having returned from some spirited driving to Le Mans 2016 and back, this beautiful Carrara White Cayman GT4 was in desperate need of AutoWerX Detailings Full Detail. A careful and thorough decontamination of all external surfaces was the first order of the day. PH Neutral products and professional methods were used to ensure the paintwork was left squeaky clean and free from dirt, tar, fall-out and some tyre residue.

Once dried, a paintwork cleanser was applied, before SiRamik SC-Mist was used to seal all painted surfaces.

SC-Mist will provide ulta levels of gloss and superb protection for a minimum of 6 months and as you can tell from the pictures, certainly did its job! The interior was tickled and a few finishing touches were completed to tie this detail together before a very loving owner picked up this stunning Porsche.

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