SiRamik New Car Detail - MK7 Golf R

Having recently purchased his Golf MK7 R pride and joy, my customer wanted to experience the joys of having a new car protection detail on the car and receive the excellent levels of protection, gloss and ease of future maintenance that come with any detail at AutoWerX Detailing.

It was a ‘no holes barred’ new car protection detail and whatever needed to be done to bring the car 'up to scratch' was to be done!

After a thorough inspection several deeper marks and severe wash marring were found to be present in the paintwork. A small dent and a select few stone chips also needed to be rectified to tidy up the appearance tenfold.

The first process of the new car protection detail was a thorough decontamination process which was needed to get the car squeaky clean prior to any paint correction, AutoWerX Detailing carried out:

* Snow foam pre-wash and two bucket method safe wash.

* Deep clean of alloy wheels, arches and suspension.

* All door jambs and boot shuts cleansed and agitated to remove dirt.

* Tar, Clay and fall-out treatments to safely remove ferrous bonded contaminants.

The second stage of the new car protection detail was to polish the paintwork. A dedicated primer polish was applied via the DA polisher (SiRamik Prime) to really boost the gloss levels of the paintwork. This allowed for removal of the light defects to leave a blemish free surface. Paint-less dent removal fully removed the minor dent from the bonnet safely.

To begin the protection element of the new car detail two coats of SiRamik SC15 were then applied to the paintwork. One coat was applied to the alloy wheels to ensure maximum levels of protection were achieved.

This process locks in and solidifies the finish that AutoWerX Detailing achieved from the machine polishing and paint correction stages.

Extremely high levels of gloss, easier future maintenance and resistance to scratches, marring and other elements are some of the key advantages to having your car protected with SiRamik SC15.

With the glass polished, exhaust tips polished and sealed, all door and boot shuts coated the exterior section of the new car protection detail was now completed.

The interior received a light tickle and leather-guarding treatments to ensure it looked the part once more and it’s factory fresh appearance was maintained for the foreseeable future.

If you would like your vehicle to receive a new car protection detail and protect your investment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with AutoWerX Detailing.

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