Audi RS3 - SiRamik APT New Car Detail

One of the best looking cars in the best colour choice possible. This simply stunning Audi RS3 stopped by at AutoWerX Detailing to receive a New Car Protection Detail with SiRamik APT (Advanced Protection System)

This is one of the most technically advanced and exclusive paintwork coatings on the market today, and SiRamik APT can ONLY be applied by those that are accredited detailers for SiRamik Glasscoat (such as AutoWerX Detailing.)

Main dealers use cheap, improperly used products and over used wash media, taking on average an hour or two to prepare your vehicle. AutoWerX Detailing takes 3 days or more to ensure every surface is as perfect as it can be and protected to the highest standard with industry leading products.

Once fully and safely decontaminated using only safe PH neutral products and professional methods the beautiful RS3 paintwork was subjected to a gloss enhancing machine polish with SiRamik SC Prime. This gives the best surface conditions for the coatings to bond to and greatly improves the over-all finish of the paintwork. Light swirls and mior marring were also removed in this process.

A layer of SiRamik HR (Heat Resistant coating) and two layers of Ultima (Glossy Hydrophobic layer) were applied to totally bring out and exhibit the gloss and metallic fleck of the Sepang Blue RS3. When combined together the two coatings create the SiRamik APT system. This alone will provide a minimum of 5 years of protection from wash marring, swirling, bird lime etching and harsh contaminant build up.

Alloy wheels and exhaust tips were also coated with SiRamik HR to give them the best start to life. Kitted out with the Audi R8 exhaust, its certainly worth while protecting every possible angle with SiRamik APT to maintain future resale value.

Interior leather received a number of layers of a leather guarding treatment as part of the final step of the SiRamik APT detail. Keeping the beautiful nappa leather plump and fresh for the foreseeable future is the benefit of this.

Exterior glass was coated with a hydrophobic rain repellent which is an absolute godsend when driving at speed in wet weather conditions, allowing rain to simply roll off the windscreen with little to no need for wipers.

With a few finishing touches complete, this head turner of an RS3 is now fully protected with SiRamik APT and ready to represent AutoWerX Detailing on the roads.

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