Nissan GTR Detailing - Paint Correction Detail

After having his last car detailed by AutoWerX Detailing, when my client purchased his new Nissan GTR it was already decided that the vehicle would receive a full Paintwork Enhancement Detail and SiRamik Glasscoat paintwork protection coating to bring it up to standard and provide vital protection to maintain the cars appearance for years to come. Read on further for a step by step walk through of exactly what was involved.

A thorough and safe decontamination of the vehicle was the first order of the day to prepare for the application of SiRamik Glasscoat. Only PH neutral products were used, with a snow foam pre-wash, two bucket safe wash and tar and fall-out deposits all being removed safely. Once clean the Nissan GTR was pulled inside and dried.

A single stage machine polish boosted gloss and removed various paintwork defects in the lacquer of the vehicle. (Wash marring, bird lime etching, acid rain marking and some deeper marks were all permanently removed.) For this the Rupes 21 Bigfoot polisher was used with Sonax Perfect Finish.

SiRamik Glasscoat SC Primer polish was applied to the GTR via the machine polisher and buffed off to reveal a very intensive gloss. This step is vital in preparing the perfect surface on the lacquer for the SiRamik Glasscoat SC15 Coating to bond to as well as creating the upmost highest level of gloss possible with a polish alone.

Two coats of SiRamik Glasscoat SC15 were then applied to all paintwork surfaces and allowed to cure respectively.

Exhaust tips were polished to remove thousands of miles of soot and carbon build up, before being treated with SiRamik SC-HR (Heat Resistant Coating.) This will keep the tips in the best condition possible and protect against the aforementioned build ups in the future.

Interior surfaces received a deep cleanse and nourishing treatment. All carpets, roof lining, suede seat surfaces and matts were steam cleaned. This process allows for any bacteria to be killed, and stubborn stains, grime and dirt build ups to be cleaned away effectively without need for harsh cleaning chemicals.

Leather was cleaned using dedicated leather cleaners and professional techniques, before being protected with a sealant allowing for easier future cleaning and vital protection from stains, rips and soiling. A fresh leather smell was left behind, as well as a gorgeous factory matte finish.

With the SC15 coating now initially cured, SiRamik Glasscoat SC-Mist was applied to the paintwork. This will provide a minimum of 6 months durable, high gloss protection over the top of the coating allowing it to cure safely whilst being exposed to the elements.

An eye popping shine and extensive levels of future protection for this vehicle is the result of a professional and thorough 3.5 day detail combined with the newest technology from SiRamik Glasscoat. This gloss will remain for the foreseeable future and the owner will definitely notice the extremely easy future maintenance.

Now looking prim and proper, this monster is ready to hit the streets of Telford, representing Autowerx Detailing.

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