New Car Paint Protection - BMW 430i M Sport

After googling New Car Protection West Midlands and seeing the excellent reviews and previous work carried out by AutoWerX Detailing, my client booked his new pride and joy in to receive the very best in paint protection. Read further to see how SiRamik Glasscoat APT was applied and the stunning finish it creates..

The first stop of the New Car Protection Detail was to thoroughly decontaminate the vehicle, removing grime, bug splatter and debris from some spirited driving. A safe pre-wash, deep wheel clean, tar, clay and fall-out treatments ensured we had a squeaky clean surface to work with.

Once safely dried, the paintwork was refined with a high gloss polish via the Rupes 21 polisher. SiRamik Prime was used in this instance to create the perfect surface for the coatings to bond to. This also removes any light blemishes present in the paintwork. The gloss was dramatically boosted and the fleck beginning to pop in all of its glory.

Now time to lay down some tough coats of paintwork armour. Phase two of the New Car Protection Detail saw SiRamik HR (Heat-Resistant Coating) and SiRamik Ultima (Glossy hydrophic coating) applied to the gorgeous glowing paintwork. In partnership the two coatings create an excellent ultra durable barrier.

Benefits from the coating include wash marring resistance, scratch resistance, bird lime etching prevention and ease of future maintenance to name a few. Water will simply roll and blow off the coated surfaces with very little trouble. SiRamik coatings are rapidly becoming the first choice for any New Car Protection Detail at AutoWerX Detailing.

Alloy wheels and glass were also coated. Alloy wheel faces receiving SiRamik HR to protect and enhance the finish tenfold.

Interior surfaces were also guarded and protected. Fabric sealant applied to floor matts and leather guard applied to white nappa leather. Dye transfer, grime and grease will no longer be of danger to the coated surfaces. This helps in maintaining their lustrous appearance for the foreseeable future.

With the glass cleaned, polished and tyres dressed the vehicle was tickled over once more prior to being handed back to a very loving owner. To comment " The car looks crisp and bright, almost glowing!" upon collecting his beautiful 430i after its New Car Protection Detail.

Here are some more images of the completed 430i!

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