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After owning his BMW 320D for a number of years, my customer wishes to have their treated to a paint correction detail. Having seen some of my previous work, he booked in for a two stage enhancement detail and SiRamik SC15 Glasscoat treatment to preserve the finish achieved by the polishing stages.

You can see the full walk-around of the completed detail here!

With 130,000 miles of improper washing and automatic car washes there were some severe paint defects present - but no match for the skills of AutoWerX Detailing!

The first stage of the BMW paint correction detail was to thoroughly decontaminate the car over a 12+ stage washing process, which would include a clay, tar and fall-out removal treatment to ensure all exterior surfaces were squeaky clean.

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A variety of wheel woolies, safe chemicals and professional methods were used throughout this process to ensure quality results were achieved in the prepping stages. Check out the grime that was clayed off during the clay bar treatment!

Once dried, the vehicle was pulled into the workshop and delicate areas such as the plastics and wheels were taped and masked off prior to the polishing stages commencing on the paint correction detail.

Car Detailing Shropshire

The first stage of polishing (cutting stage) was to target some severe paintwork defects such as swirls, deeper scratches and other harsh blemishes that were dulling the appearance of the vehicle drastically. The Rupes 21 along with the medium Rupes polish was used here for excellent cutting ability. A massive difference was being made in the compounding stage.

Once completed, the next phase of the paint correction detail was to refine and polish the paintwork. Rupes 21 bigfoot and Sonax Perfect Finish ensured an absoloutely spotless level of paint correction was achieved, as well as a deep wet look gloss was left behind ready for coating.

The coating stage of the paint correction detail saw SiRamik SC Prime applied via machine polisher, before two coats of SiRamik SC15 were applied with 1 hour between the layers. SiRamik Mist was used to wipe-down the paintwork after a number of hours to provide further protection and really lock in the glossy finish achieved by over 40+ hours of detailing.

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The interior was tended to, including an odour bomb treatment to restore a clean fresh smell to the vehicles interior and air conditioning system. Whilst the exterior was feeling brand new it's an excellent feeling to sit in a car that also feels new inside. A mini interior detail achieved just this and ensured the cockpit of the BMW was a pleasant place to be once again.

With the exhaust tips polished, and both tyres and plastics dressed the car was almost ready and the paint correction detail almost completed.

Gtechniq G1 and G2 were used to provide an excellent level of protection on the windscreen. This creates an extremely hydrophobic barrier over the glass completely removing the need for wiper blades when travelling in wet weather conditions.

Glass treatment telford Gtechniq G1

The car was wiped down with a quick detailer and handed back to a very happy customer who couldn't believe the transformation and glass like apperance to the paintwork.

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