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I was contacted by a customer who wished to have their new Scirocco Detailing. The vehicle was a top of the range R Line. With every optional extra selected when purchasing the vehicle, the paintwork condition needed to match! Read on further to find out what AutoWerX Detailing managed to achieve on this gorgeous hot hatch..

Shropshire Car Detailing Scirocco R

After the vehicle was fully decontaminated which included a 12+ step washing process, it was pulled into the workshop to be dried for the second part of the scirocco detailing to begin. Once dried the paintwork was fully inspected and delicate areas were taped off with masking tape to avoid damage. The vehicle had light swirls and buffer trails present in the paintwork. These were suspected to be from the dealerships improper washing and polishing methods, and needed to be dealt with prior to any coatings (SiRamik SC15 in this instance) could be applied.

The Rupes Bigfoot 21 combined with a white Rupes polishing pad and Sonax Perfect Finish yielded excellent results. Leaving the paintwork virtually defect free. The first stage of the protection element to the Scirocco Detailing could now commence. A black finishing pad and SiRamik SC Prime polish was used to jewel and really gloss up the paintwork levels.

Car Detailing Shropshire

Once the paintwork was finally inspected and I was happy with the levels of gloss achieved, SiRamik Surface Coat 15 was now ready to be applied to start the main section of the scirocco detailing. Two coats were applied to the whole vehicle, with 1 hour of curing time in between coats.

Whilst the coating was left to cure, the interior was tended to. The leather was relatively clean, however it was gently cleaned with an APC prior to Gtechniq Leather Guard being applied to all the leather surfaces including the seats and arm rest. The rest of the interior was tidied and tickled to leave the cockpit of this 260bhp Scirocco a pleasant place to be once again.

With the car being driven daily for quite long distances, it was highly important to ensure the alloy wheels were also very well protected. Easier future cleaning and prevention of brake dust building up are the main benefits of doing this. SiRamik SC15 was used here once again to give the wheels excellent levels of protection, and a stunning glossy finish.

A layer of SiRamik Mist was the final step in the scirocco detailing process. Mist is a top sealant that provides an extra 6 months of protection and excellent water repellency. Importantly it gives the coating protection and time to cure.

Another car now looking how it should be, and protected to the highest degree. Please look below for more pictures of the completed Scirocco R Line.

To get in touch with AutoWerX Detailing, please email or call 01952 433 967 or 07875 485 724. See more work on the website here.

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