BMW 330D Paint Correction - Car Detailing Shropshire

My customers new BMW 3 Series was in desperate need of our paint correction detail. SiRamik Paintwork Protection was also chosen to protect the finish afterwards and prevent swirls, scratches and other blemishes. The appearance had become very dull, littered with swirls, marks, bird lime etching and deeper scratches from years of sponge washes. Read further to find out how AutoWerX Detailing rectified everything..

After a thorough decontamination and extensive wash process, consisting of over 10+ steps to ensure the vehicle is as clean as possible, the vehicle was dried safely using compressed air. All plastics and the tyres were then masking taped off. The paintwork is then ready to be polished and the paint correction process to begin.

BMW Paint Correction Telford

The Rupes 21 Bigfoot combined with Sonax Perfect Finish and many passes resulted in the swirls, bird lime etching and deeper scratches being removed from the lacquer of the vehicle and was providing an excellent level of paint correction.

A sharp red glossy finish was being promoted. Several passes were required on each panel to achieve the desired result. Some panels were worse than others such as the bonnet, rear wing and roof. Some extra wet-sanding and paint correction was required in these areas.

SiRamik SC Prime was then applied to the paintwork via DA polisher. The professional polishing method of ‘jeweling’ the paint was used. This process is vital in the paint correction process to really work in the polish and create an ultra glossy finish. SC Prime was then buffed off, and then the vehicle received a final inspection in the daylight.

BMW 330D Full Detail

SiRamik SC15 was applied to the vehicle, with two coats being applied and left to cure for 1 hour between layers. Once sufficiently cured, the paintwork was wiped down using SiRamik Mist top sealant, further providing and extending the protection being offered by the coatings.

BMW M3 Paint Correction

Alloy wheels and external plastics were all dressed, and glass surfaces sealed to promote better driving in wet weather conditions.

An excellent and cost effective way to completely change the apperance of your vehicle. The AutoWerX Detailing paint correction detail is guaranteed to provide highly noticable and long term results to your car.

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