Audi A6 New Car Protection Detail - Car Detailing Shropshire

Audi UK A6 TDI Ultra receiving the very best possible start to life. Autowerx Detailing - Professional Car Care were commissioned to carry out a New Car Protection Detail on this customers brand new purchase. The detail was to consist of SiRamik Glasscoat Surface Coat 15 applied to the paintwork surfaces, after a thorough paintwork decontamination and light machine polish with SiRamik SC Prime.

A thorough decontamination and 12+ step washing process ensured the vehicle was squeaky clean and ready to be enhanced via the machine polisher. This process is critical in drastically boosting the gloss levels of the car and exhibiting the paintwork fleck in all of its glory.

Once safely dried, the paintwork was subjected to a high gloss polish applied via the Rupes UK Bigfoot 21 Polisher (SiRamik SC Prime)

2 layers of SiRamik SC15 were applied to the vehicle allowing 1 hour between layers. SC15 will provide extensive, high quality and durable paintwork protection for many years to come. Once cured, forming a tough layer of glass like lacquer over the coated surfaces. Now protected from wash marring, bird lime etching, road salts, tar and grime build up.

Audi A6 SiRamik Paint Protection

An ultra high gloss finish, and the best way to give your new investment a supreme start to life, ensuring the new car your buy, actually looks better than new.

Interior leather protection applied to all nappa leather, preventing soiling, fading, drying and cracking of the leather as well as the dreaded dye transfer! Exterior glass surfaces sealed to promote safer driving in wet weather conditions.

SiRamik Mist was used to wipedown the vehicle once the previously applied coatings had been allowed to cure. This step alone provides another 6+ months of paint protection on top of the coating and enhances the vehicles apperance even further.

** DON'T be fooled by dealership 'paint protection' products that are merely cheap, improperly applied paintwork sealants. Speak to AutoWerX Detailing to find out what really does work for your vehicle, and more importantly, find a product that does what it claims to do - Protect your Vehicle! **

AutoWerX Detailing are extremely proud to be SiRamik GlasscoatAccredited Detailers, Professional Valeters & Detailers Recognised and listed on the UK Car Valeting Directory.

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