Tesla Model S - Protection Detail

Tesla Protection Detail, they never get old! The eerie silent roll and the striking good looks of a car thats paving the way forward in not only automotive technology, but all electric car technology is always fascinating and exciting. My customer approached me for a Tesla Protection Detail, which would ensure every surface of the vehicle started life in the best possible way. High quality paint protection would be the focus. Read further to see the results..

The car was delivered to AutoWerX Detailing HQ for its Tesla Protection Detail, having already covered a few hundred miles up and down the M6 motorway and back in wet weather conditions. Road grime, tar and other debris has built up on the paintwork and was to be dealt with first.

Tesla Paint Protection Detail

The first stage of the Tesla Protection Detail was to ensure the paintwork, alloys and every other external surface was as squeaky clean as possible. A 12+ stage decontamination process only using safe professional methods and high quality PH neutral products took place. Over the course of 3 hours we were then left with a Tesla Model S that you could eat your dinner off!

Once safely dried and pulled into the workshop and subjected to five different lighting sources, the paintwork was polished and jewelled as the second stage of the Tesla Protection Detail commenced. SiRamik SC Prime was applied via the Rupes 21 Bigfoot polisher. Drastically increasing the gloss of the vehicle whilst removing any minor paint blemishes and defects. This process left us with an almighty gloss and a blemish free finish. The paintwork was now ready for coating.

The third stage of the Tesla Protection Detail saw two layers of SiRamik Surface Coat (SC15) applied to the paintwork. 1 hour was left between coats to allow the coating to harden safely. A major benefit of SC15 is an ultra high glass like gloss and immense levels of protection and dirt repellency. Alloy wheels were also coated in this process, to prevent and deter brake dust build up. The once very soft paintwork, will now be 3x as protected as it was when leaving the Tesla Model S Factory doors.

Glass surfaces were also sealed in a hydrophobic rain repellant (Gtechniq G1) to promote safer driving in wet weather. All external plastics were dressed and the exterior protection phase of the Tesla Protection Detail was completed for now on this Model S.

Fourth stage of the Tesla Protection Detail: Leather surfaces inside the Model S were certainly in need of protection to help maintain their appearance for years to come. SiRamik SC15 was applied to the leather, creating a hydrophobic dirt repellant barrier over the gorgeous nappa leather. This will prevent dye transfer, grime build up and cracking of the leather in the years to come. Fabric was also coated with a waterproofing agent, and with the dash tidied and glass cleaned, the very minimalistic and luxurious interior was now completed and protected.

The fifth instalment of the Tesla Protection Detail saw the exterior finally wiped down. SiRamik SC Mist was used to provide 6+ months of protection over the now hardened coating. Two wipe-downs were completed to ensure the finish was dust and smear free ready for the customer to collect!

SiRamik Accredited Detailer

With the Tesla Protection Detail now completed, the customer can rest assured that high quality paint protection has now been professionally applied to his new investment.

Another happy customer, and another Tesla Model S silently roaming the roads of the UK with the AutoWerX Detailing seal of approval!

Please check out the gallery below!

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