Aston Martin Detailing, Paint Correction - Vantage DB7

Vantage. Aston Martinrtin. DB7. All words and phrases that scream class, elegance and distinction. My customer wanted his Aston Martin detailing having recently neglected the paintwork for a year or so.

The Mendip Blue paintwork had become dulled over time and lost it’s rich lustre. Now littered with swirls, deeper scratches and defects from improper washing. The Aston Martin DB7 Vantage was in desperate need of Autowerx Detailing - Professional Car Cares Paint Correction and Leather Cleanse and Conditioning treatment.

After being washed and decontaminated, the delicate areas of the vehicle were all safely masking taped off. Rubbers, plastic trim and the lining of the convertible roof were masked off to prevent any polish or oils transferring onto them during the paint correction process.

A single stage machine polish using the Rupes S.p.A. 21 Bigfoot andSONAX USA Perfect finish was the plan of action to defeat and remove the swirls and scratches. After the test panel was completed, the results were better than expected and I set to work polishing the rest of the Aston Martin.

As the Aston Martin Detailing proceeded, the paint condition and gloss dramatically increased, becoming more reflective and the gorgeous metallic fleck in the paint being exhibited in all of its glory. Several passes including jeweling of the paintwork with Britemax Blackmax really boasted a beautiful finish.

Once all of the paint correction and machine polishing stages were completed, the paintwork was wiped down with quick detailer to remove any smears, before POLISHANGEL® UK Master Sealant was applied via the DA machine polisher, (Flex 3401 VRG) and left to cure for 15 minutes. After removal of the first layer, a second layer was applied by hand and left to cure.

Once removed and left to breathe for a number of hours whilst the interior was tended to, the paintwork then received two very thorough and gentle wipe-downs with SiRamik MIST, to provide further protection and increase the gloss of the vehicle further. With 6 months of quality protection being offered by MIST alone, the new paint protection now settling on the paintwork was perfect for this customers summer driving requirements.

With the exhausts polished, tyres dressed along with the external plastics and all glass polished and sealed with rain repellant, the exterior part of the Aston Martin Detailing was now completed.

The interior leather of the Aston Martin required some light attention. It had been over a year since the cream leather was last cleaned and treated, so a number of dull patches, grease, dirt and oil had built up, thus creating a shiny finish over the striking hand made interior!

A dedicated leather cleanser and leather conditioner were used partnered with a Swissvax UK Leather Cleaning brush to gently agitate the surface, removing grease and grime as it foamed up, lifted away with a plush microfibre towel. After all leather surfaces were cleaned the leather conditioner was applied and left to soak into the leather before being wiped down to a high quality, factory like matt finish. A pleasant leather aroma was also left behind by the conditioner to diffuse any other interior smells.

The aston martin is now restored to former glory, with deep wet glossy paintwork thats certainly well protected, and and interior thats well nourished and ready for some serious driving this summer.

For a full walk around video of the Aston Martin, there is a YouTube video here:

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