Tuesday’s Top Tips – How to clean car wheels

Here are FIVE top tips from Ben at AutoWerX Detailing focusing on how to clean your wheels correctly and the to the highest standard.

Have the right tools!

Ensuring you have the right equipment for the job is essential. A wheel wash mitt, partnered with some Wheel Woolies for cleaning the barrels, a lug nut brush as well as some brushes with harsher bristles (for tyre walls and arches) is all you need in your wheel cleaning tool kit to ensure a perfect job is achieved every time.

5 top wheel cleaning tips

Understand your wheel cleaners!

Most people would grab anything off the shelf that says “wheel cleaner” on the bottle, however this can often be a costly mistake as cheap wheel cleaners are more often than not very acidic and if used incorrectly will cause damage to the finish of your wheels (especially if they are diamond cut or polished!). If your wheels are moderately dirty, a PH neutral cleaner to remove the bulk of grime such as ValetPro Billberry Wheel cleaner, then followed by an Iron fall-out remover (only every few washes) will have your wheels in safe hands. A normal All Purpose cleaner is great for de-greasing the tyre walls before giving them a good scrub with the dedicated brush.

Top five wheel cleaning tips

“You missed a bit!”

There’s nothing worse than driving off after cleaning your car, to park up again and find you’ve missed a spot or completely missed half a wheel. It’s important to move your head or even roll the car forward a few feet to ensure every spoke is spotless. Wiping over the wheels with a microfibre cloth once you are finished cleaning is good practice for ensuring you don’t miss a bit!

No Sling!

Picking the right tyre gel and drying the tyre properly before applying your tyre gel is important for a show-stopping look. Theres something really unsightly about seeing a car that’s nice and clean, but has no tyre dressing on the tyres! Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel or GYEON TYRE are both excellent tyre dressings that last, and give your tyres that deep just cleaned shine. Applying to a fully dry tyre and massaging the gel in with a foam applicator ensures good coverage, whilst leaving it an hour or two before driving ensures you wont get any sling up your doors!

Tyre gel

Dress the arches

A little bit of tyre gel goes a long way – if you have plastic arch lining, applying some to the plastics not only looks great and creates depth, but will promote easier cleaning in the future too!