How to Protect a New Car

How do you protect a new car? Why should you protect a new car? What is paint protection?! Why does my new car need polishing? You may have just purchased a new car (or, new to you anyway!) that you are keen to treat right and keep looking at its best.

Protecting a New Car

To those that are out of touch with car care or car detailing in general, this can be a confusing and often daunting subject. With many options to protect a new car, you could chose from including waxes, sealants and the ever growing market of coatings, picking what’s best for you and your car can be difficult. With each paint protection product having different benefits – not understanding what each one is capable of could lead to wasting your time, effort and importantly your money!

Firstly, when purchasing a brand new car from the dealership you would expect the paintwork to be in an impeccable condition, however this is never the case. Customers often ask me “why does my new car need to be polished?”

This photo is of an actual dealership’s new car holding yard exposed on a large car park. These cars are in the elements for days to weeks in sun, rain, pollution, fly by bird droppings, etc.

How to Protect a New Car

Before they even get here they would’ve been sitting at the docks fresh off the boat, for similar periods awaiting compliance and clearance. Once sold, they undergo an under efficient pre-delivery detail most likely with poor methods and highly used wash media causing scratches, swirls and other defects in your new ‘shiny’ cars paintwork. Otherwise if not so lucky to be sold, they are put on demonstration for potential buyers to touch, prod and drive weeks on end.

So perhaps there is a likely chance your new car needs polishing too? Ensuring your car is polished efficiently by a professional car detailer ensures that your paintwork can be paint corrected, thus perfect and free from any defects, prior to protecting and preserving that finish. Before you protect a new car, it’s important the surface is perfect as the finish is going to be locked in permanently.

New Car Detail

Importantly here is the next step: Paint Protection

With the advancement of nano technology, the industry has quickly moved away from waxes and sealants. Whilst they looked great and were very easy for even the novice of enthusiast to apply, they unfortunately provided very little in terms of protection from the elements such as scratches, bird lime etching, stone chips, wash marring and other factors that can quickly dull the appearance of your vehicle. Whilst waxes and sealants still have their place, it’s more cost effective in the long run for a quality coating to be applied to your vehicle whilst it is new.

So, what are the benefits of a coating to protect a new car?

  • A high gloss finish

  • Extensive paint protection lasting 2 years minimum

  • Anti scratch / anti marring capabilities

  • A hard layer of protection prevents bird lime etching your paintwork

  • Tree sap and tar is easily wiped away and can not stick

  • Easier future washing and maintenance – water and dirt are constantly repelled

  • The detailer applying the protection, will often warranty the coating for you too!

  • How are coatings applied?

All coatings need to be applied to bare paintwork to ensure they have the maximum bonding capacity to protect a new car properly. All waxes, polishing fillers and oils are removed prior to the coating (which is in liquid form to begin with) can be applied correctly. Once applied, they are left to cure in an environment which has the correct temperatures and is dry and not exposed to the elements.

How long does it take to protect a new car?

An efficient and quality detailer should take between 2 to 3 days on average to fully prepare and protect your vehicle depending on the type of protection you chose to be applied to protect a new car.

During a new car protection detail, other surfaces such as alloy wheels, leather, interior fabric and glass can all be protected. Only quality and durable products that provide extensive protection and keep your car looking and feeling new for the entirety of your ownership and beyond are used.

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