Paint Correction - TVR Cerbera SiRamik Glasscoat Detail

Paint correction, does your vehicle require it? If you are interested in car detailing or you are a car care enthusiast you will know that swirls and severe scratches are not a good look!

After being contacted by a customer who had recently purchased his TVR Cerbera, it desperately needed a two stage paint correction. Why? Taking a glance at the vehicle it looked cleaned but as soon as you look a little further it is noticeable that the vehicle was riddled with some severe paintwork defects such as scratches, harsh swirling, some water spotting and DIY scratch repair attempts from the previous owner. It was decided that a two stage paint correction would completely restore the finish of the vehicle.

As with any quality professional car detail, before any machine polishing for the paint correction can be carried out, the vehicle was thoroughly and safely decontaminated using safe and PH neutral products and cleaners that will not cause any further harm to the paintwork of the car.

After all road grime, tar, fall-out and baked on dirt was safely removed, the vehicle was dried and pulled into the fully insured, alarmed and well lit workshop for further inspection to ensure that the commencement of the two stage paint correction could start.

Once pulled inside, it was even more apparent just how bad the defects in the paintwork were..

After some minor stone chips were filled in, the first stage of polishing saw the Rupes Bigfoot 21 combined with Meguiar’s Microfibre Cutting Pad and Menzerna FG400 to ensure the defects were removed from the lacquer permanently.

TVR Cerbera Paint Correction Detail

The second stage using SONAX USA Perfect Finish ensured that as much gloss as possible was extracted from the ‘prowler purple’ paintwork and that the fleck in the colour was exhibited in all of its glory.

The paint correction was inspected to ensure that the scratches and swirls were fully removed from the paintwork before the any protection could be applied.

TVR Paint Correction

After a safe wipedown with an IPA solution, SiRamik Glasscoat was applied to the vehicle in two coats, left to cure for 1 hour between the two coats. SiRamik MIST was when used to wipe the extremely glossy, glass coated TVR down and provide another extensive layer of protection over the coating.

SiRamik Glasscoat is a durable glass coating that once cured, creates an extremely protective hardened glass layer of protection over the coated surfaces, this helps to prevent wash marring, scratches, bird lime, acid rain and other elements from damaging the paintwork.

Alloy wheels were also sealed in SiRamik SC15 to provide protection from brake dust and road grime build up.

Interior leather received and cleanse and nourishing treatment with luxury leather cleaners being used to extract dirt from the cream leather, before all surfaces were protected with a long life leather conditioner. This restores a rich leather smell to the car as well as prevents cracking, soiling and dye transfer from deteriorating the surfaces.

Once finished, the car was wiped down with another layer of SiRamik MIST, all tyres and plastics were dressed and the car was ready to be handed back to its loving owner.

Finished pictures:

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