New Car Protection Detail - Zetec S SiRamik SC15

My customer approached me having recently picked up a new Ford Fiesta Zetec S and enquired about the AutoWerX Detailing New Car Protection Detail service. This New Car Protection Detail will ensure that all paintwork, alloy wheels and interior surfaces are properly cleansed, and protected with professional grade, lasting paintwork protection products. The benefit of this is an ultra high gloss finish and extensive levels of protection from entities such as acid rain, bird lime, wash marring/swirls, scratches, tar and road grime which can often dull the appearance of the vehicle over time.

The first step in the New Car Protection Detail is to ensure the vehicle is cleansed with a PH Neutral Snowfoam,. This is then followed by a safe wash with high quality lambs wool wash mitts as part of the two bucket method. This ensures that the vehicle is cleaned safely and no wash marring or swirls are inflicted into the lacquer. Alloy wheels, arches and the under carriage are thoroughly cleaned and rid of all road grime.

Tar, fall-out and embedded road grime are safely removed with PH neutral chemicals as well as a fine clay bar treatment. This process is time consuming and ensures every surface is left squeaky clean prior to polishing.

Once safely dried with filtered compressed air inside the workshop, the paintwork is subjected to a light machine polish with SiRamik SC PRIME. This is a high gloss polish that greatly increases the shine and reflection levels of the paintwork, whilst ensuring any fine marks caused by the dealership’s improper washing are removed. This leaves a blemish free and sparkling surface ready to be coated and the perfect finish achieved locked in for life.

Two coats of SiRamik SC15 Glasscoat are then applied to the vehicle, with one hour between coats. Once cured this creates a hard ‘glass-like’ lacquer over the car, and acts as resilient barrier between the elements and road grime. Another advantage of Siramik SC15 is the slick and bright finish it maintains.

SiRamik MIST is applied over the coating to act as further protection. This increases the hydrophobic and water repellant levels of the coating, making sure water and other contaminants stand no chance of sticking!

Alloy wheels were sealed in a wheel wax that withstands very high temperatures, and prevents brake dust and road muck from sticking to the alloys. Glass is then sealed in a rain repellant which makes rain and other water simply run off the windscreen when travelling at speed.

To complete the detail, tyres and plastics are dressed as well as the interior sealed in a fabric repellant. This acts as a scotch-guard type effect to deter spills and liquids seeping into the carpets and staining them.

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